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Month: September, 2009

Ester Dean Drops It Low on Us!

Kidz, no time… I’M LATE! So that means a real quick post!

Let’s see, Twitter guy… Dar2Dream was talking about this new artist Ester Dean. I was bored, so I looked her up on Twitter. Some kind of way I found her music and loved what I heard. Apparently her video just dropped so I immediately found it and fell in love.

I liken her to Alja Jackson vocally and the dancing is pretty good. She has so many famous cameos in her video so prepare to be a little starstruck I guess. Thankfully, I was able to obtain the video so you can watch from the safety of our blog.

More details later


Kanye West VS Taylor Swift, my money is on Taylor

So I’m trying to do work and stay updated on Twitter and Facebook at the same time. My Twitter is then overrun with tweets about Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift. I immediately lope into investigator mode and guys here it is.

Now if you guys know me you know I’m not the BIGGEST fan of Kanye West and his *ehem* *ehem* ego, but I respect the man. This right here has zeroed out my respect.

I made a comment on my Facebook saying if the situation would’ve been in the reverse, the black community would’ve boarded busses and DEMANDED an apology from all parties involved but… well, I’m now wondering what is her community going to do?

I’ll tell you Kanye, if they feel strongly enough, well let’s just say that all these doors that are seemingly open to you can be shut oh so Swift-ly.


Dancers: Gather Round Luam and Danielle

Two of the hottest female dancers in the game right now have both done interviews for Scene Interactive and I’ve found them. Check them out as they dish out advice for all the dancers, male and female and tell how they got where they are now.


Danielle Polanco

Tom Ford dabbles in cinema with A Single Man

It’s New York Fashion Week right now kittens and so I wanted to do a post that had atleast a little to do with fashion!!! what better than another fashion documentary?

Tom Ford is most notably known for his FLAWLESS menswear line and his racy advertisements. I don’t know who all caught it but one of his latest for eye wear feature a man sitting in the classic baby pose(laying on the stomach) wearing only glasses. He is now officially into cinema with his indie film, A Single Man.

Adapted from the book of the same name by Christopher Isherwood, the film documents one day in the life of George(Colin Firth). From the trailer I can tell that the style of the documentary is impeccable and from comments from the cast, apparently Tom, as director, was very diliberate about this. The film was entered into the Venice Film Festival and what I have for you guys… is the trailer!!!! Let’s watch!

Beyonce for 9/11

Okay so I’m loving YouTube right now. I was on Twitter to be reminded of Jay-Z’s concert tonight. I was alerted that Beyonce was performing and immediately set into action. I found the video and this is what went down.

So as you can see this is the Diva performance that she did. It’s only a clip of the song but here entire performance for the song. I liked it because Beyonce drops a freestyle up in there. I thought it was cute!

New Korean Girl Group f(x)

New girl group f(x) edgier, shows promise

Sexy and hot, the latest girl group from entertainment and media goliath S.M. Entertainment turned up the heat at their showcase on Wednesday at the Fashion Center’s Event Hall in Daechi-dong, southern Seoul.



Unlike their predecessors – the near-iconic Girls’ Generation – the new girls-in-town do not boast a powder-puff pink sound. For an idea of the kind of vibe this five-girl band packs, think the Pussycat Dolls or Danity Kane.

With the dance moves to match their amped-up and hard-hitting sound, Krystal, Sulli, Luna, Amber and Victoria hit the stage, writhing and wriggling in slinky black outfits. When they donned black chapeaus and did a number to Sam Sparro’s sensual “Black and Gold” the whole performance took on a slightly burlesque tilt.

Tall, willowy and doll-faced, the latest addition to S.M.’s burgeoning group of talent shows promise. Two members, in particular, stood out from the group during Wednesday’s showcase.

Amber – picked up by S.M. in Orange County – drew cheers with her fly dance moves and smooth rap skills. Displaying rhythm, flow and speed, the Chinese-American tomboy performed a bit of Fort Minor’s “Believe Me” and then showcased her ability to deftly splice her rap into the chorus to the group’s debut single, “LA chA TA.”

Her low and brandied vocals, slick razor-edged bob and hip wardrobe are sure to attract boys who want to dress like her and girls who are going to crush on her.

When asked how she first started rapping, the 16-year-old girl group member, an admirer of rap artist Nas, answered: “Rap was originally a hobby of mine.”

Fellow member Victoria also stood out during the showcase. Hailing from one of Beijing’s leading dance academies, the lithe Chinese native graced the stage with her acrobatic skills and stellar moves.

The eldest of the group, the 22-year-old performer assumed responsibility as the head of f(x), declaring: “I want to be a hard-working leader.”

A member of the press asked her if the new Asian pop dance group had plans to go abroad, to which Victoria answered that the group is slated to perform throughout Asia.

Korean members Krystal, Sulli and Luna – aged 14, 15 and 16, respectively – also showcased their talents on Wednesday. Luna wowed with her powerful vocals, while Krystal and Sulli moved to a mix of Joe, Marques Houston and T-Pain.

The audience was treated to the first performance of the group’s never-before-released single “Mr. Boogie” followed by a performance of their newly-minted “LA chA TA.”

Fast-paced, backed by an electronic backbeat and sensual, both singles seemed highly club-appropriate, taking away any notions that S.M.’s latest addition would inherit its girl group predecessor’s sugary sound.

It is hard to tell, at this point, as to who f(x)’s target audience is. Yet it seems to be picking up on a trend towards a slightly sexier, edgier and more electronic sound, as evidenced by hit girl group songs like Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” and 2NE1’s “Fire.”

The name of the group, in particular, seems to bear some scientific futuristic significance. A play on the mathematical notation for function, “f” signifies “flower” and “x” represents the female’s double X chromosome.

While the band is brand new, several of its members have appeared on both the small and the big screen. Krystal – younger sister to Girls’ Generation member Jessica – starred in boy band SHINee’s music video “Juliette” prior to her debut. Sulli racked up acting experience in two SBS dramas and several films, while leader Victoria starred opposite Korean pop star Rain in a Samsung Anycall commercial that aired in China.

Their new single “LA chA TA” was released online on Tuesday. The band is slated to make their television debut on MBC on Saturday. (Korea Herald)

-I myself was shocked by Amber’s appearance (the one that looks like a guy) and a lot of my friends asked why was there a guy in an all girl group only to find out the “guy” is a girl. But for some reason I like the way she is. I hope to see move greatness from the girls.

here’s a link to their mv.



Fashionair: The New VOGUE?

So Fashionair is this online fashion website that launched yesterday, and I’ve been waiting for it for a while! Apparently it’s a website that combines the best of the many types of fashion websites like blogs, online magazines, and online catalogs into one. I immediately pulled up the site.

I was presented with that, and I was a tad taken aback. I loved the page but I was immediately overwhelmed. I had 3 minutes to take stock of this site and I didn’t know where to start, everything was a link. I took the tour though and found out about the myriad of options and then went on to read the two reviews I could find.

What I found was that there are alot of things to do. You can look at fashion, watch videos from fashion insiders, and even buy the fashions you see. There isn’t alot of text though, and there have been organizational problems.

No matter what, I’m going to come back and see what it’s all about and continually review it in my mind. When I get more of a chance to sit down and explore I’ll talk more about it, but until then, do some exploration of your own over at Fashionair

W 2009: The Fashion Issue with KATE MOSS

So, kidz we got about forty five minutes, and two posts to do so let’s get through this, Both of these posts have to do with the September 2009 Fashion Issue of W magazine… YIPPERS!

So I’m here at college and guess what… we have SCANNERS! Do you know what that means??? From now on when I want to show you guys something that I’ve found in print, not on one of the blogs, I can just can it in!! That also means I’m going to save alot of time trying to find something online that I already have tangibly.

Anyways, onto the issue!!! KATE MOSS covered this issue of W, and I love the glamour shot of her. It’s pretty nice, I just don’t like what she’s doing with her mouth. Makes her look like she has chicklets for teeth a little bit.

Now that we’ve done that we get to go into the POSH FOUR! Yes, like always I’ve picked four things to write about, but because the magazine is so huge I’ve divvied it up. I’ll do four ads I like and then on another post I’ll do four pictures from the editorial I liked the most. Onto the ads though!!

I’ve seen this ad before, it was all over my google reader. What I did not notice, though when i glaced at it on the computer, was the necklace. I DIE!!! (Sorry Rachel, I had to steel the term) I love the entire ad, but trends are large accessories, and gray. I love both. Oh, and I know you see my sticky notes and those will more than likely accompany scans. Just notes for myself but now I can share them with you guys!

I saw this ad and my breath stopped. I LOVE that coat! The colar, and teh use of textures and color, It’s insane in my opinion. Yeah yeah yeah, blame it on my fascination with jackets but tell me it’s ugly. Well it really doesn’t matter if you do because I still like it. A trend here is indeed texture. You want texture this season ladies! Look back up at the MICHAEL KORS dress… more texture!!!

No lie, I normally don’t like JUICY COUTURE that I see on the streets, but I normally ALWAYS love their ads! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the modern day debutante!!! Those stilletto boots kill, that jacket, AMAHZING!!!O hand the dress on your right… freaking lovely!

It’s here!!!

I’m in college now guys so I do apologize about how sporadic posts are but they will be that way until I finally get a full schedule and pencil in blogging time.

But I haven’t completely forgotten my fashion and so I did want to say something.  I GOT THE FASHION ISSUES OF W AND VOGUE!!!  Yes, my mom shipped them to me so I got them later than I should have but… I got them.  Anyways Kate Moss is on W and Charlize Theron is on VOGUE.  I’ve seen the INSTYLE cover, and Jennifer Lopez in my opinion looks stunning.(Hopefully there are upcoming blogs about each issue *fingers crossed*)

Also, the actual documentary The September Issue is now out, and I’m DYING to see it!  Anyways, I knew you guys wouldn’t hate seeing the trailer just once more.


Aubrey O’Day was right: they are SMART!

So let’s do this really quick like so I can get to my homework.

Scrolling through Google Reader and see something on The Calvin Show. I scan the post he’s written and then I press play on the clip. Here’s what I watch.

Seriously I’m floored. I go on Google and type in a few things to see that the blogs are atwitter with the topic. I make stops at PerezHilton(I do NOT condone the use of this blog!), New York Daily, and The Blemish among others to see that everyone is blasting Aubrey. Again, completely floored!

AUBREY IS RIGHT, contrary to popular belief. She is ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY right! I was moved to even comment a few blogs. You don’t just become a ruler of a country by chance. And if you do, you do not retain that role for very long. You have to be very intellectual to do the things that Hitler and Fidel Castro did. Just because someone does something bad, Rabbi Chaim Cunin, doesn’t make them stupid.

Let me speak a tad about the Rabbi for a second if I may.

“When a woman like her uses public airwaves, with access to millions of wonderful citizens of America, and calls some of the most despicable, unspeakable hate mongers of history brilliant, then something is lacking with her intelligence.

This is a constant reminder of how careful we need to be when we talk about hate, because hatred is always present. We need to make sure we are careful and that hatred doesn’t rear it’s ugly head.

‘I’d like for her to think about some older Holocaust survivor having that comment beamed into their home while they are enjoying the freedom that this beautiful country provides and having to listen to her disgusting comments.”

Now Rabbi, being the intellectual you are, or that you should be because you are in fact advising your parishoners and ANYONE who looks to you for spiritual and/or natural guidance, how can you be so CLOSED MINDED! Something is lacking with her intelligence? Seriously? Basically the Rabbi is saying that only those who do things right can be considered intellectuals!!! What in the WORLD!! Your intellect is not decided by your actions but your ability to think! As a matter of fact some of the most intelligent people do wrong things because they KNOW how to do them. Some people are just too dumb to get away with things, so they don’t do them

Ugh, I got homework to do today, but I had to bring that up.