Passion Fashion 2009: SWAG

by Mikelle S

SWAG: MagazinesFirst up are the magazines. There were issues of Uptown, Tequila, and Working Charlotte under the various seats. With a covershot like that, Tequila was the one I was most interested in at first glance. I picked it up though to find that it was light, and I began to flip through to find a mixture of Spanish and English. It’s a tactic I love and have found to be more used as I glance around a blogs. The problem is, Spanish was my second language… one I learned in middle school for 3 years, and then have gone cold turkey on ever since. So… I can’t understand most of it.

Anyway, I was hoping for a fashion, editorial packed magazine, with eyes like those on the cover, but instead, was presented more with lifestyle, and photos from the May 2 Launch Party at Crown Plaza, that was complete with a red carpet and a fashion show I believe. What I did find though was an exclusive on couture fashion designer Luis Carlos Machicao. His brand Machicao, has gowns, suits, and men’s swimwear. Machicao sites influences from Chanel, Dior, and the 40’s through the 60’s. I love what I’ve seen by him, well except the bag the model is holding on the interview, and I will definitely look for his name as he plans to show at Charlotte Fashion Week, in Miami, and hopefully in New York. The magazine did just launch though as I said, and you can subscribe fore 6 free subscriptions on their website.

The next magazine is the summer Issue of Uptown Charlotte. This one I underestimated. I immediately was going to pass it off to flip a few pages and find a Louis Vuitton ad of Madonna that I like A LOT more than the one in W. In the Editor’s Letter I found that the magazine is one aimed at the African American community and speaks of the luxury lifestyle of the professional community. On the contributors page I immediately read through Miriam Sternoff’s’ blip that explains her concepts behind the two shoots she did for this issue.

From there I was on to the CLIQUE pages which are like the society pages. I noticed that there was aslso pictures from a launch dinner, but at the Mez, so I assume, this magazine is also just starting up. There are pages from New York, Chicago, and Atlanta which make me assume that there are issues of the magazine circulating there, like an area magazine. Next was the 6 page editorial entitled The Art of Miami, that was swimsuits and some daring heels. Last was an 8 page editorial entitled Beach Chic with again amazing heels, onesies, and very overall chic looks.

The last magazine, Working Charlotte, I have yet to open! I mean I’m a business type guy but, I’m in fashion mode, not business right now so I didn’t even crack the spine on that magazine yet. Oh, and plus, I’m not from Charlotte or planning on moving there so I felt that I could pass for a little while atleast.


This right here is the bag, a card from Korto, a nice glass, a box of something that smells like lavender, and a travel candle that has a vanilla scent. The bag was plain, but I mean it’s a bag so I wasn’t expecting much. I actually love the card. It features Korto working on what I believe to be the hem of one of her designs, but I would’ve loved it if she were actually looking at her work. The glass, like I said was nice, and I dumped the lavender stuff into it and have it mounted in my room already. Furthermore, the travel candle smells wonderful to, but then again I love the plain sweetness of vanilla.

SWAG: Papers

This right here is all of the paper I found in the bag. Included are the Visitor’s Guide to Charlotte, a sign up for the University of Phoenix mail list, and two fliers. The only thing of interest was the coupon for a hour of concierge service from Last Minute Details.

So, that’s the entirety of the swag we rounded up. Overall it was a nice little bag. I will enjoy flipping through the mags in my lavender scented room, or in the car sniffing my vanilla candle while we’re on one of our long trips. Hopefully though, one of these days, I’ll be able to use that coupon.