Passion Fashion 2009: Kate Lyon

by Mikelle S

The first designer up was Kate Lyon from Kate Lyon Studios in Savannah, Georgia.

A design by Kate Lyon at Passion Fashion 2009

As you can see, my sister and I are not quite photographers, but we did attempt to rectify that problem by videotaping clips of the shows. Anyways, I did take notes on the lines so I’m going to go by those. Out of 19 looks I wrote down 5 loves about various peices(alot of shoes), techniques(some cool neck stuff), and one complete outfit. I even scribbled AMAZING(referring to the movement of one garment) in my illegible scrawl. Gold, black, and gray were the main colors in the show, and it was mainly dominated by dresses.

Here’s the footage we took of the show and I apologize for the jumps(I don’t know what caused them) and the constant turning (we wanted to get as much of the looks as possible) but we did the best we could. The purple number that starts this clip off is a peice that I liked. I really liked the back and actually it reminds me of a garment I’ve seen before, possibly in Debut 2009. Anyways, it kind of makes me thing Barbie for some reason.

The next look, the black and gold number, is something that I like… in parts. I love the dress, if it was shortened. Take that unnecessary golld and black part off. Just end it at the knees for maybe a cocktail dress. I mean don’t get me wrong the bottom isn’t digusting it just doesn’t fit this dress to me. Anyways, the last dress for some reason I couldn’t pay attention to. In my head I was like she should have gloves…where are her gloves. When I first glanced at it though, I did think it was feathered.