Passion Fashion 2009: Intro

by Mikelle S

On Friday August 07, I attended Passion Fashion 2009 at the Harris Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was my first real live fashion show to tell the truth. Well it’s the first show of any note that I’ve seen in person.

The great thing about it was, it was 3 different shows. Tara Davis, Kate Lyon, and Korto Momolu were all presenting lines and of course everyone was the most excited for Korto of Project Runway fame. Really I hadn’t heard of the other two designers but I didn’t care frankly because this would be my first show, so it really could’ve been anyone.

There were three types of tickets, VIP, General Admission, and Student, and I ended up purchasing one General Admission for myself, and a student ticket for my sister. We both enjoyed ourselves, and tried to score some free swag of course.Below are what we managed to wrangle together.

SWAG(AKA Free Stuff)

I tried to arrange the stuff in a cool way to test out my decorating skills but, I’m going to need a tad more work. Anyways this is the picture of everything we scored. This I believe is the biggest gift bag that was present so this would include everything awarded…. Except for a bottle of water.

Anyways I was really pleased with the event overall. My sister got to hear some of the models chatting in the bathroom before the show, lucky her! I picked up that there were models from Wilhemina and Carolina Talent. Over the next few days I’ll post more about the event, like more specifics about swag scored, and about each individual show. We had a camera that was going dead on us, and that we hadn’t used before so we don’t have that many clear pictures for the first show. We did get smarter though and for the second and third we videotaped parts of the show.

A killer pair of heels and matching bag that we LOVED!!!

Well I have to run though because tonight is another fashion night, as is tomorrow. Tonight is a run through of a show that I’m helping with on Saturday. So like I said, fashion weekend. Anyways I’ll make sure to take some pics!!!

Dinner of Fashionistas!