It Just Dawned on Me…I Like Nicki Minaj

by Mikelle S

So after 3 encounters with this chick Nicki Minaj I finally gave in and gave her a real listen. All before I would hear her and think well she’s good but not that great, another wanna be female rapper that won’t make it. Harsh I know but with the lack of big time female rappers today it’s hard to take some of these females seriously. So after hearing a few tracks from her most recent mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty, I realized this girl really has skills. Not only that but she has big a personality too.

She’s a graduate of a performing arts school where she focused on singing and acting, but started rapping to set herself apart from other singers. She gained some attention after appearing on a dvd featuring up and coming rappers, where Lil Wayne spotted her. From there he got in touch with her and they recorded a few records together for her first mixtape Play Time Is Over. Since then she has released two other mixtapes titled Sucka Free(image search the infamous cover which pays homage to Lil Kim) and most recently Beam Me Up Scotty. She has also collaborated with numerous artist such as Gucci Mane, Tierra Marie, Bow Wow, and Lil Wayne of course, just to name a few. Right now the 25 year old is performing on Lil Wayne’s America’s Most Wanted Tour and working on releasing an official studio album.

Now as for the reasons why I think you should give this girl a chance and listen to her music, I have many. First of all she stands out, she’s unique! She’s doesn’t have a one sided persona. She can do the sex driven lyrics, or the hardcore I might just commit some violence lyrics, or the deep emotional lyrics of difficult events of her life or just some fun catchy lyrics that make you laugh. Whatever you’re into. Hate rapping? No problem she sings too. Most importantly the chick writes her own material. Her rhymes are good, a friend of mine even equates her to being a female version of Lil Wayne. Also she may have the look of a video vixen but she’s no sex object. She demands respect in the rap field and will tell you with a quickness that she would not dare sleep with a rapper and risk her reputation or career. With only mixtapes so far under her belt or in her case tutu, she has a hardcore following of fans(aka her Harajuku Barbies and Harajuku Kens). Most importantly Nicki has a positive energy about her. Her outlook is that female rappers should support each other rather than engaging in the rap beefs. She feels that with the lack of female rappers, the success of one female in the industry should be celebrated by other females because that just means another door opening for them. Right now I see many doors opening in Nicki’s future and I genuinely hope she makes it.

Now this is a song you gotta hear. She spits pure fire. It’s also the song that made me a Nicki fan:
zSHARE – 03-Nicki Minaj-Itty Bitty Piggy-MF.mp3
Also you can check this one out to hear her sing the hook:
zSHARE – 23 – Nikki Minaj – Kill The DJ.mp3

If you’re feelin’ Nicki Minaj you can hit her up on her twitter: Nicki’sTwitterPage or check out her youtube: Nicki’s Youtube Page

Yours Truly,

Simone Dozier