My mother’s Phone

by Mikelle S

Okay so Im in the car right now on the way home and Im pecking away on my mom's phone. Im pretty ecstatic because she said that she is going to let me have it when I go off to school. Thats pretty amazing. I kind of need to get used to this miniscule keypad and I also noticed that my focus has shifted from this blog because of a few things.

Some thig big that has happened is I GOT A JOB!

Part 2
Okay so im on the way to the flea market and Im not one for wasting time anymore so Im going to try my hand at blogging on the go again.

Okay so the job I got is with a company named Vector. Okay so I know alot of youve heard about it and dont like the way it was presented but I listened, asked the relevant questions and felt very comfortable with the information and company I was presented with.

A few facts: Vector is a subcompany of Cutco. Basically we provide the sales and marketing for Cutco products. VECTOR made over 200 million in sales last year and the district I applied for is leading in sales.

The pay in my high school graduate never had a job eyes is amazing and thats all Im going to say regarding the pay.

Alot of young people are scared away by the 150 dollar deposit. What I dont think many understand is it really indeed is a deposit and you get it back when you return your sample items.

Anyways I really look forward to this because Im about to spend atleast 300! Well Im at the market so I got to go.