Dancing on the Street: Miguel Antonio Jr.

by Mikelle S

All of you out there have them, your “YouTube Crushes.” Well, this week, I interviewed my first YouTube dancer crush, Miguel Antonio Jr. A friend, that will go by the name of FN, assisted me in this interview, calming my nerves with her adoration of Miguel. She provided fun and that fan quality, and even though she had to leave before the interview was completed, she sure did break the ice.

BoogieZone states that Miguel is a Chicago native, who began to dance at the age of three in front of the television. He joined his first dance company at the age of 6, the “Happiness Club” and says that “at the time, it was one of the funniest things I did. I really enjoyed it, but hated getting up for rehearsals. Performances were definitely a different story though; nothing would keep me from a performance.” He also revealed that the adrenaline rush from a performance “along with other things” kept him coming back. He danced there for six years, and when he left he returned to the television to learn dance.

In high school, he danced on the high school team for all four years and at the age of 16 took his first Hip Hop class, at Hubbard Street Studio in Chicago with Trae Turner. After his second class there he was invited to join the company where he’s stayed. Recently, in May, he moved to LA.

Now, that we have that over with though, we can dive into the.. interesting interview. Here are a few snippets, sometimes out of order.

FN: do you like to dance naked?
Miguel: lol! In the shower, yes, anywhere else, the least is underwear
FN: I would so pee on myself if you did a dance to closer by Goapele and dedicated to FOXEYNAY
Miguel: I think I might just do that
FN: omg I gotta go get new panties
Miguel: LMAO. I am so done!!
Me: Is there like an idea you keep in mind when you choreograph something?
Miguel: I have a few things that go through my head when I choreograph, which are “expand, be new, what are you trying to say? “
Me: So you use dance as a way of expression?
Miguel: totally
Me: Do you think that YouTube is helping dancers and choreographers or hurting them?
Miguel: In some ways it’s 50/50. YouTube is a great way for exposure and for other choreographers to get inspired. On the other hand, some “choreographers” straight up steal moves and sometimes whole routines.
Me: Yeah… that sucks but I know that most times the YouTube community will recognize it.
Miguel: Oh heck yea, it’s happened a few times.
Me: BTW do you have a Twitter?
Miguel: Twitter? ? Nooo!
Me: Aww man.. Are you familiar with it?
Miguel: I know it’s like “status update site”. Lol that’s all

Me: Do you have any people that you idolize in the industry?
Miguel: heck yea, Matt Cady is one man i look up to sooo much. Laura Edwards as well
Me: OMG!! I LOVE MATT CADY!! ABSOLUTELY ADORE HIM! Like I’m not going to lie, you were my first YouTube Dancer crush, and well Matt Cady is the one I fell hard for!
Miguel: He’s amazing. I saw him the other day at the studio and he knew who I was, from YouTube.
Me: You saw him in the studio!!!
Miguel: I cried
Me: I DIE!!! My world… is now complete, I’m talking to someone who was in the same room, and got acknowledged by Matt Cady.
Me: LOL! Fool!! it was great

Me: Anyway, oh your choreography to Ken Dahl, amazing! Have you talked with him?
Miguel: Lol thank you! Yes, i have a few times
Me: That’s so cool! I’m sure he expressed his love for you and your choreography!
Miguel: I love him. His music better take off
Me: You know about the upcoming Dahl Society CD right? Cousin drops this month!!!
Miguel: Seriously?? Can not wait.
Me: What influences your music choices though?
Miguel: Umm, my music choices are usually selected through how I’m feeling that day, or at the time of choreography.

Me: Umm because I’m like so into fashion and style how would you describe your style?
Miguel: Bright! Non-matching! Relaxed some days! Fitted others! Lol
Me: Hahaha so it’s like eclectic?
Miguel: yep
Me: Fave color?
Miguel: Purple!

Me: If you could collab with any choreographer out there now, who would it be and why?
Miguel: Matt Cady.. I feel like he can help me explore different ways to use my body and expand my movement vocabulary
Me: what would your favorite choreography video be out of your own?
Miguel: Departed
Me: OMG even though FN isn’t here she loved that one and I did too! We loved the video you took down, the one where you had on the glasses in the back yard
Miguel: I did not take it down, YouTube did
Me: Aww.. We thought you did.. Do you know why?
Miguel: Copyright crap
Me: that’s BOOTYMEAT! That was one of the most moving videos you made!
Miguel: Aww thank you! I really liked that one too and I am sad they got rid of it
Lastly, what would you tell someone wanting to break into the industry?
Miguel: Learn as much as you can. Take Class! All kinds of class, from hip hop to jazz to modern to ballet, get your training! Be creative, be different, know how to adapt though, and be nice to everyone!

I really enjoyed interviewing Miguel, even if it was over Yahoo Messenger. I, as always, find him to be approachable, humble, and one who’s quick to laughter. He takes everything in stride, and yet still takes his craft very seriously! I know there’s so much out there for him…

Why don’t you guys check out some of his videos though!

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