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Month: July, 2009

CFDA Town Meeting: The Fate of the Fashion Show

New York Fashion Week not valid anymore? I was insulted, appalled and just down right amazed that something would even be discussed among fashion industry executives. As I began to read the articles though, I began to understand.

The thing is that the designers over at the CFDA are not seeing the benefits with showing their designs in the conventional shows. They show their clothing and within the week(sometimes the day) the pictures have rocked the blogosphere before even the major websites like Style and WWD have them for review. This means that trends get confused, and people take inspiration from these future shows. What is on the racks now is old and out of style because we’ve already seen next year’s fashions and that’s what we want!

Also fashions change at the drop of the hat because of style blogs like The Sartorialist that broadcast styles all over the world. One trend catches fire and oxford heels morph to oxford flats! Stores have to restock their shelves quickly to stay in popularity! These are just a few problems.

There are many ideas about solving the problem but I have one that I want to throw into the mix. Why don’t we have two types of fashion weeks. WAIT WAIT DON’T KILL ME YET DESIGNERS… just listen.

Okay have one fashion week that is for the industry only. It’s like ultra exclusive kind of like Hong Kong Luxury Week. Like maybe the only people who are admitted are people who are members of a council… kind of like CFDA. This means the shows would be low budget. You would need to pay for models of course but you could have a central small location and just show your garments. It could even like a show room show. The thing is, it’s only for the fashion industry and the pictures don’t come out. The reason is, this week follows the present fashion schedule of being a year and a season ahead of time. The second type of week would not.

The second type of week would only be a season ahead of time and would be open basically to other people. This would include bloggers, and other journalists who had not reached CFDA status. Also this would allow more general public access to shows because the serious industry top tier would not have to be present. These shows would be conducted like the present shows with fan fare, press, and everything else.

Now let’s see the effects, now trends are not confused because well, we don’t have a year and a season lapse between show and the time the clothes go out. Also designers can personalize the shows so for the fashion executives they really get a sense of the clothing, they get up close and personal whereas for everyone else it is just that, a show. You see clothing, and an amazing show, they are intent on developing the mood and the right scene and would be like I said before very much like the present shows.

I’m a lover of shows so I can never see myself totally phasing them out. If someone declares they are not “in” anymore, when I make it big… I guess I’ll just have to be vintage because I know I’ll want them back! I got to go now though… work in the morning.

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So, flipping through my Google Reader a few hours ago to find a post that made me scream!!! After the scream I IMMEDIATELY called Simone, the bestie to discuss my find while hitting up YouTube to see an audition vid!!!

Let’s give you some background. America’s Best Dance Crew IS THE ONLY SHOW OF IT’S KIND! Albeit it did kind of fall off and I really would like them to do the show in a different manner, that’s another post entirely, let’s just say for the record that for the first… maybe two seasons I liked the show. Anyways, fast forward to now…

Here’s me, with no cable but full access to the internet. Because of this I’ve been keeping track of other dance crews outside of ABDC by way of YouTube(you can find a few up on the sidebar) and their blogs. I’ve even subscribed to a blog that keeps me up to date on East Coast Dance Crews and what’s happening. (Really it’s North East Coast but they won’t admit it!) Now to why I screamed.

PD_Style posted on their blog about the EC(East Coast) crews being represented in the upcoming ABDC.. I’m like scan scan scan FR3SH scan scan scan… wait what FR3SH!!!!!! This is what I read:

FR3SH (Matawan, NJ) – With a unique blend of jazz and funk, Fr3sh infuses a sense of humor into their choreography and compare themselves to the movie “The Breakfast Club,” priding themselves on being rowdy and rebellious. Their mix of sarcasm, humor, cockiness and raw talent could take them all the way to the top.

This has been FR3SH’s third time to audition for ABDC, and as third time’s the charm, they’ve made it! Of all the NJ teams that have auditioned in the past seasons, there is no doubt that majority appeal has always wished FR3SH to represent their homestate on the show. All they’ve accomplished since the beginning has lead to their biggest break yet. Lets hope they rep NJ to the fullest, NJ ALL DAY

I am in love with the FR3SH FAM and The Main Event, a competition they put on. They inspire me to dance, and actually they are one of the two companies I am considering auditioning for if they are still around… when I get the chance to audition. Anyways, so yeah, STOKED about that info, and I’m like next team…. RYTHM CITY!! Mental Rolodex says The Main Event first place winner. I have that video on my laptop and have watched it MULTIPLE TIMES!! Here’s the bio:

RHYTHM CITY (Bronx, NY) – Struggling on the streets of the Bronx with little to no familial support gave Rhythm City no other option than to stick together, and they intend to use their original style from the Bronx – “the birthplace of hip-hop” – as a secret weapon. The crew has placed highly in an array of dance competitions including Invasion, Blazin’ the Stage, The Main Event, Switzerland’s Dance 2 Dance and, most recently, they won first place at Culture Shock EDC. From living in foster homes to surviving abuse, exposure to life on the streets has taken its toll on each member. As a result, crew leader Alonzo Williams created Rhythm City, a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting kids off the streets and involved in dance.

Rhythm City has been in existance for awhile in the NYC area, but it is only this year that they’ve blown up in the NJ and D.C. scene with their first place wins from the Fr3sh Dance Company’s MAIN EVENT, Team Millennia’s PRELUDE EC, and Culture Shock D.C.’s East Coast Dance Competition (previously known as bustagroove). This has been their 2nd time (or third time?) auditioning for ABDC. Their raw and energetic appeal has made us think twice about what dance really is and what performing is all about. Everyone on the East Coast has your support Rhythm City, so do it big!

The last team up I’d never heard of but I read one thing and I’m pretty sure I screamed VOGUE!! Then I scrolled down to see Leiyomi and was OVA HUNNEY OVA!! Whereas I was NOT aware that Leiyomi had changed from Mizrahi to McQueen I was still ready to watch them WEEEEERRRRRKKKKK the floor! I was… dissapointed. I wanted to see 10’s across the board and I saw… like 5’s maybe!
Here’s the bio.

Vogue evolution, as the name suggests will be the first vogue styled crew to make it onto ABDC season 4. Of course what better crew to represent the house dance style of vogue than an east coast crew that helped establish the underground vogue scene. The Group members are Malachi Allure, DaShaun Evisu, Pony Zion, the Amazing Prince Milan, and the Spectacular and Marvellous Leyomi McQueen (Former Mizrahi). If any of you are real dancers, then you know that this dance and culture is serious business and is only appreciated by the truest of dancers. “Vogue Evolution will be all kindsa drama that America will love. By the end of season 4, the word ‘Woooorrrk’ will mean much more than that part time job.” — Annonymous

So yes.. that’s what I’ve found I’m looking forward to it. Let’s do a quick bottom line on everybody

FR3SH is my team!! I love them and all but I’m not sure if their work will transfer to mass audience.. as in for people who aren’t dance lovers, but people who love entertainment!

RYTHM CITY I think they’ll do well! They are alot of entertainment, and dance,and while I’m not sure if they’ll win, I think they’ll do decently.

VOGUE EVOLUTION while I am ecstatic that there are voguers being represented… this is not the team to do it. Yeah I think they got legends in there but just take a gander at the audition, they aren’t together. It looks like they threw voguers in a group and was like NOW GAG!


I got my stuff here


Hi! I’m Aisha…the one that’s known for loving Asian music and culture as a whole. I always have and always will. and haha Markese is right, I probably did have a dialect I was learning so many different languages in highschool alone, but now I’m going to focus on Japanese in college instead of Korean or Chinese like I planned in the first place.

You’ll later see how much I love Asian music as a whole, especially my groups, some are pretty large with 9-13 members and then you have the normal 3-5 member groups and solo artists. But I’ll save all that until later!

あいしてる!(love you)


We Needed Some Thing Else

So, Shy, was recently added to the team, but there was someone else that I’ve been beggin and pleading to come on with us for a LONG TIME NOW!! She exposes me to my music alot of the time and she’s a very opinionated person. She is also a subscriber of many gossip blogs and the such so these are more than likely some of the things that she’ll be discussing in her posts. I don’t want to really drag this out so will all the citizens please welcome, SIMONE DOZIER!!!

Oh.. wait, I bet you thought I was done didn’t yah? Well, I’m not!!! If you notice all of the writers are kind of… well we’re different but we’re not that different. We all like music, and independent artists but we’re mostly American based in our tastes. WELLLL!!!! I have this other friend, who actually graduated in 2008 that I loved because she had a fascination for Asians. She LOVED THEM!! I mean really and truly, I think she spoke a dialect, and she was going to go live with some for like the summer, and she was getting like Chinese magazines and CD’s and stuff… which reminds me I should ask if she’s ever seen a particular Chinese Mag… Anyways I fell in love with Asian fashion because of her and she’s decided to grace us with her presence! So while you are welcoming Simone, make sure you kowtow for AISHA BARNES!!

Jam Session

So, it’s about 3AM and I really want to get this blog post over so I can… well I’m not going to lie, I’m probably not going to jump in the bed just yet but, I want to get it over.

Anyways, last night(a few hours ago) I hung out with my friend Jonathan Kittrell. I was uber-bored, and wanted a night on the town and ended up going to church service, where he gave the lesson. BTW, this was the youth service and it was ultra-lax with like couches, Rockband, Starbursts, and Marshmellow Shooters. It was just a very laid back feel and approach which kind of sets newcomers, like me, at ease. Back to the story. Anyways, he talked about basically not compromising, and also not allowing guilt to keep us from God. There was some glass shattering work being done, literally.

Anyways afterwards, I tagged along to Taco Bell and then to a Jam Session. I really had a good time. If you read my tweets, you’re already aware of this but, the name of the group is Kill Me a Bear(KMaB) and they are composed of a bassist, 2 guitar players, and a lead… screamer I guess. I know a few names but I don’t want to start naming and forget somebody. Anyways, umm they are all Columbia scene players and actually I knew some of them from Jonathan’s previous band Life After Death(Life AD).

There are distinct differences though. One, they pulled Jonny off the mic, and put him at what I believe is lead guitar, where he should be, so he can shine and not get nervous. He just gets so into the guitar I think, he blocks all else out. Anyways, they pulled a Life AD guitarist from the guitar and put him at lead… vocalist maybe? I knew he couldn’t sing so when he grabbed the mic I was like… uhhm cover my ears? Then he started to scream and I had to admit, it was not bad! The guy who I think is 2nd guitar also basically does like back up vocals, and they are nice. I actually like the way they blend with Justin’s screaming and the playing. Bassist wasn’t present(Jesse), and the band’s still looking for a drummer.

There was this one guy who was playing on drums for the session though, and my friend Warren MacDonald had bass. Drummer was decent, but I really couldn’t tell if he was amazing because he had to play with basically a band who’d been playing together for… atleast 2 years. He was kind of trying to follow their lead for a while, then he kind of tried to take lead, and… it was really a tad distracting. Anyways, I picked up the drum sticks a bit, and so did Jonny, who found out he can play(thanks to RockBand). Enough of me writing, on to the pictures.

And heeeeerrrreeee’s Jonny!!! Behind him is 2nd guitar.

Mustard colored shorts is Justin, and the tall lanky guy is the resident dancer! Back in the corner is the drummer!!

Big man in the back is Warren on the Bass and the other guy is another bystander.

Oh, and let’s see the place with the lights out!!!

Yeahhhh boy!! Tha’s the dancer in the white tee.

I can’t really tell what this is!


Nite kids!!!


I think I’m going to start doing this on a regular basis, but these are some links that have things I either didn’t get to but wanted to, though was interesting, or want to write about but don’t know how. The word in parenthesis should take you directly to the article unless of course something in the sentence is hyperlinked, then what is in parenthesis will take you to the home page of the blog in question. Hope you enjoy!!! All of these came off of the Google Reader of course!

TOMOKI SUKEZANE makes a predominately black editorial for the August 2009 issue of SENSE, a Japanese magazine. (THE FASHIONISTO)

ANNA WINTOUR’s quips from her 60 minute interview get made into ringtones? (BRYAN BOY)

ISAAC MIZHRAHI and cupcakes? What? (TOM AND LORENZO’s blog)

Art departments are getting slashed in the fashion world?(39th AND BROADWAY)

Get your vote in for the Cover Contest at Dujour!!(DUJOUR MAGAZINE)

Okay so COLLEGEFASHION.NET stepped up their game and has beauty and style mistakes!!(College Fashion)

Why couldn’t I have this book for summer reading?(The Sartorialist)


So Im not sure if my last post went through…I hope it did but I cant check it until I get home. Im just going to continue on and reformat these posts and even take this one and put it on Posh when I get home but on with my post.

People have all types of inspiration throughout there lives. Its my opinion that most extroverts need inspiration constantly while introverts can receive a spark and trudge on for the long haul! Anyways enough with personality types Im the type of person who can receive one spark of inspiration and start along the path and I need small spurts along the way to keep me going. These spurts can be just about anything including criticisms, encouragement, advice, visions of success, or even a glimpse at the environment around me.

Im not going to lie I do not know what was the FIRST spark of inspiration to send me down this fashion track [trust me Ive started alot of tracks and fashion has been one of the ones I stuck with] but I do one of the most significant spurts: shopping at thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales

My family didnt have much when I grew up. We had enough to take care of what was required with a bit of government aid [thanks Uncle Sam] and that was pretty much it. My sister and I always had visions of grandeur but….Im getting off topic!

Anyways I had to make what I had work for me….And I tried.  I look back at the day of my first party where I three hats that were identical besides their color with the letter M on them and grimace.  At that time I had no qualms with taking a risk because even if I wore my clothing in a semi normal fashion I was still taking risks.

I worked the GoodWill bin so hard I think its still tired. I did manage to walk out with a pair of A&F jeans and an Express Men’s polo.  I was hanging with some of the wealthiest kids at school but was picking over clothes they’d outgrown or just plain didn’t want.

I most definately think those early painstaking moments trying to concoct a look from sloppy seconds caused me to gravitate towards the fashion industry.

Devon S(black star), in a black blazer from H&M, Top Siders from SPERRYS, bag from H&M, vest and bowtie (both unreported), shows just how good black can look. I found him on LOOKBOOK.NU and was stunned by this look. I immediately fell in love with his style and the Highlighter jeans by LEVI’S. Now I will admit that he’s a professional male model from San Francisco and he’s with FORD but that does not detract from the effect of the outfit that he wore to a meeting! Anyways… he’s here on Ning, and has a Blogspot here. (Even though he hasn’t updated since January of this year, I’m still going to put it in the reader).

BOBBY R.(red star), is also from LookBook.nu and he absolutely KILLS in this all black ensemble he entitles Overcast Skies and Lullabies. This photographer in his black blazer by VV, skinny pants, dress shoes, and vintage buttoned shirt(all unnamed designers) is in my opinion the epitome of vampire chic. I love the medallion and even though I would never wear all of this together select peices from this look would merge happily with any other style you could think of.

Well maybe you’re thinking it’s only on the street… so I present you with a picture from FORTUNE’S FOOL‘s A/W 09 look book(blue star). I saw the pictures first on THE FASHIONISTO and starred them to take a second look, but hadn’t gotten back to them. Anyways the entire collection is amazing and this look is all black like Bobby R. but, it doesn’t have the same presentation. It’s military chic. It’s amazingly tailored. I love it, and you need to go see the rest of the lookbook!

TONY WARD(gray star) is here for WRANGLER JEANS. This is Ward’s first time for Wrangler with a career that started back in 1982(his career is older than me!!) This shirt he has on here is the classic plaid button down really. It has pockets on both sides, short sleeved, and it’s simple. You have the option to dress it up with a pair of khakis or down with a pair of Wranglers. I found the picture here on Design Scene(an awesome blog by the way!) and even though you’ll find that the look from the Summer/ Spring 2010 Ad campaign, you’ll still find plaid plastered on scarves, rags, shirts, vests, hats, ties, and even some pants!

“Patina Punk”, SATTA’s Autumn/Winter 2009 collection(white star) contains many trends that I wanted to forcast but didn’t and even some that I did. One in particular is the pegleg. I actually found the picture on MEN’S RAG here along with the rest of the collection. If you notice that the pants all end at about the top curve of the calf, and they are tailored there. They hug the calf and the leg, and whether bunched or left to hang the stle looks really good on the model. How that’s going to translate onto my massive calves, I’m not sure, but it looks good on the model! You really should see the rest of the line either here at Men’s Rag or here at JAMOOL. In it alot of the trends are shown including, black, plaid, and the pegleg.

KADEEM J(maroon star), also wears the pegleg trend. He has hiked up his pants to do so and you can clearly see the bunching but it still works. Again the hem hits the top of the curve of his calf and is tight around that area. This student/freelance photographer from Bronx, NY apparently likes his eclectic jewelry, and so do I.. The clothes, I will not lie, are chill and relaxed but the accessories definately in my opinion make the outfit. I found him here on Lookbook.nu.

My mother’s Phone

Okay so Im in the car right now on the way home and Im pecking away on my mom's phone. Im pretty ecstatic because she said that she is going to let me have it when I go off to school. Thats pretty amazing. I kind of need to get used to this miniscule keypad and I also noticed that my focus has shifted from this blog because of a few things.

Some thig big that has happened is I GOT A JOB!

Part 2
Okay so im on the way to the flea market and Im not one for wasting time anymore so Im going to try my hand at blogging on the go again.

Okay so the job I got is with a company named Vector. Okay so I know alot of youve heard about it and dont like the way it was presented but I listened, asked the relevant questions and felt very comfortable with the information and company I was presented with.

A few facts: Vector is a subcompany of Cutco. Basically we provide the sales and marketing for Cutco products. VECTOR made over 200 million in sales last year and the district I applied for is leading in sales.

The pay in my high school graduate never had a job eyes is amazing and thats all Im going to say regarding the pay.

Alot of young people are scared away by the 150 dollar deposit. What I dont think many understand is it really indeed is a deposit and you get it back when you return your sample items.

Anyways I really look forward to this because Im about to spend atleast 300! Well Im at the market so I got to go.

Shy’s Music Box

Sorry I haven’t been around for a min. Busy in the outside world 🙂 Life is never slow for a girl like me. But in the music world, I do have exciting news. Idk how many of you are familiar with the band Paramore, but the group happens to be one of my all time favorite bands. Last year I almost had my heart broken when they released The Final Riot & the world freaked out saying that the group was breaking up. *tear* Sorry, that still makes me emotional. But I am happy to announce that the band is still together and have a new album on the way, Brand New Eyes. I’m not sure what the whole inspiration is behind the album title, but who cares? It’s been said to be an amazing album, & I for one, am super excited. It’s a tad bit tamer than our usual Paramore favs, but still awesome. The album release date is set for Sept. 29, 2009, and I’m looking forward to being the first in line to cop this one =].

This is the new album art for cd. It’s very artsy, and I’m a passionate lover of butterflies so it automatically gets 5 stars in my book 🙂

Well that’s all inside the Music Box for today. I’ll be updating more with my fav musical artist, putting up a view links and streams. I’m going to a local band concert on the 19 of August, && I’ll be sure to put up pics and reviews.

Peace,Love,& Nail Polish 🙂