Slippery Slope Part 2: The FTC versus Fashion Bloggers

by Mikelle S

The post was about the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, beginning to set guidelines on disclosure in blogs. Whereas I’m all for disclosure, as I expressed in my reply, I don’t think the FTC has a place in this.

The other day I was posting about the FTC and their plan to crack down on the blogging industry basically. I got cut off because of camp but today I’ll finish. Well what I was saying basically was although I do believe that disclosure is the best, the FTC should have not right to tell us so.

My conception of the blogging industry, because that’s what it has become, an industry, is basically a market that is created by the people for the people. We set our own rules and we expect others to abide by them. If they don’t they are exposed for the phonies and fakes they are and we blacklist them, it’s simple. We don’t need a motherly figure coming on here and trying to boss us around. The situation makes me heated under the collar!

Hmm, anyways, yeah the reason you should disclose is well, it’s common courtesy to your readers. I do it, even though people aren’t sending me stuff. I normally start a blog off with, I was looking on my Reader, or I was glancing at this blog when I happened upon this. That is disclosure pure and simple. If and when businesses and brands begin to send me stuff then you’ll read, I was checking my mail to find this, or some friends at XXXXX shipped this over.

Furthermore the status of the item as being free should not compromise the review. The day I began the first part of this post during my research, I found that some people make it a blog value to not write negatively, and this practice is something I’ve adopted. Now a small, I don’t like this, may find it’s way into an article but I’m not going to base an article off of an item that I dislike. (P.S. Now comments are a free for all. If I am commenting anywhere you may find that I hate the entire thing so… well beware hahaha!) Because of this stance if I receive an item that I have qualms about writing a review about I will more than likely send the item back (if possible) with a not detailing this value. Wait, I’m not sure if that would be rude, to send the item back… I’ll think over that.

Anyway I have to go but I’m pretty much done with that… let’s break it down a little into a line or two.

The FTC has no right to legislate on the activities of a blogger but bloggers should have enough integrity and respect for their readers to disclose free items.