by Mikelle S

Okay, so I’m on like 11 different sites right now, clicking away, trying to do like 6 different things at the same time including but not limited to, check my mail, create a blog on Posh, research for said blog, chatting up friends on Facebook, and constantly checking my Google Reader.

Well a message pops up in my Yahoo Mail that says:

Benji sent you a message.

Subject: Your website

“strolling around the web found your sites with incredibly long addresses. So heres a favor http://www.facebook.com/l/;www.803street.tk message me back i can change the name make more whatever is needed”

The eyebrow raises and I click the link and then at the same time open my Facebook tab and sure enough, Benji has emailed me from there. I check it again, and then go back to the link to find that it took me to my site. Thinking I’ve clicked the wrong tab I look at the address box to find


Woot woot!!! I shot a quick message back thanking him and then asking how he did it. Before I got a response I did a little research of my own and quickly found out, signed up for an account of my own to change Posh and then returned to my Inbox to find that he’d messaged me back… THANKS BENJI!!!