by Mikelle S

So, I’m searching on Contributing Editor and I find a few spreads that I like. I immediately begin to click and save, click, Open in New Tab, ohh, click save. And then I scroll down, read the accompaning body copy, and then keep scrolling and reach that line. The one that says only use one or two spreads per story… DAWG IT! The thought came up to use just… one more, but I think not. Any ways, I’ve settled on 3 stories I believe that I am going to post, or, have posted in the next few days…

Today I’m going to begin with the story Picadilly Pilare

So, because of the limit on the amount of spreads that I can display, I decided that I would choose very carefully. I saw the first spread, on one side it held the name, and on the other, a SATYEN KUMAR tweed jacket, and a plain t-shirt on the model, PETE BOLTON at MODELS 1 who also donned a pompadour hairstyle throughout the shoot, and decided to omit it. It didn’t pique my interest like it should.

The second spread though, had a JUNYA WATANABE cardigan and a pair of pink BURLINGTON argyle socks that would not be refused. The styling is simplistic and very wearable. As a matter of fact, minus the argyle socks, it’s a style that I find myself wearing… albeit in much cheaper, and sometimes even thrift store version.

The next two I skipped only because I was so enamoured with the one that I picked, that it really didn’t matter what else was there, because of the limit. I mean, the BROOKS BROTHERS shirt and the white tie looked nice. Personally, I wouldn’t have added the JUNYA WATANBE MAN jacket but to each stylist, their own right?

The next spread was the least favorite of mine in the bunch because of well… I’m not a label kind of guy. I don’t like an outfit littered with the same logo normally…

The next spread I chose was chosen mainly because of the black and white… Yeah I’m a sucker for that too. First the left side shows us a LACOSTE polo. It’s simple yet colorful… just not a peice I could pull off. Now on to the reason I chose this spread. The picture in my opinion, in and of itself is stunning. Love it! Now to the clothes! We have a HACKETT sweater, with a BROOKS BROTHERS shirt underneath. This tops the LOUIS VUITTON pants that have a GIEVES AND HAWKES pocket square coming out of the pocket. The styling in my outfit is dandy and has a collegiate feel to it, two things I love!

To see the rest of the story shot by WILLEM JASPERT and styled by SHIRLEY AMARTEY check it out at Contributing Editor, here