by Mikelle S

You are going out to check the mail and you notice a box on your front porch. You pick it up, notice that it’s a box from the postal service. After, going to the mailbox to grab the rest of your mail you retreat back into the privacy of your own to have a gander at what’s in teh box. For about a second you debate inwardly on which to open first, the box that you have no clue what it is, or the bills that can be paid any day, and you already know the outrageous figuires of… The box DEFINATELY!

So you rip into the box to find a brand new bag. The note that accompanies it says, “From your friends at XXXXX XXXXX a new start up fashion line in your area. By the way, we love your blog!” You immediately snap a photo and sit down at you computer to begin typing on your fashion blog that has garnered somewhat of a cult following since you started it. As you type, you rack your brain for the connection, how did you know these people. You didn’t remember the name. As a matter of fact you knew you had never seen it before because you would’ve written it down. You stop typiing to tap on your teeth before you realize, this is the first time you’d ever been exposed to the line.

Why I wrote all of that, I don’t know but I was in the writing mood. Anyway, the point is today… we’re talking about FREEBIES!! Recently I’ve discovered, created an account for, and have begun devouring the Independent Fashion Bloggers site. Well today I was presented with a title, “FTC plans to crack down blogger freebies…and what that means to you”. And immediately began to read. In concordance with my normal internet usage as I read, I clicked, link after link after link eating up as much information as possible about the situation. I even commented on it saying..

Now whereas, I do believe that it should be disclosed whether one is receiving and… incentive to blog about a certain person, I don’t like the FTC telling me that. We got into blogging because we were tired of the press right? We were tired of the rigamaroe and we were tired of the regulations. We wanted stories told to us from another individual without the influence of some corporate entity. And now, with this possible legislation, the government is beginning to infiltrate blogger land. I don’t like it and basically I say it’s… even though I don’t really like the term… it’s a “slippery slope”!

I’m going to blog on this now actually… at my blog on

The post was about the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, begining to set guidelines on disclosure in blogs. Whereas I’m all for disclosure, as I expressed in my reply, I don’t think the FTC has a place in this.

I have to jet but I will be back to finish this!