I Rooted for Thunder Thighs

by Mikelle S

So, Make Me a Supermodel, as you already know if you’re privy to my tweets is one of the best modeling competitions on television in my opinion. Yesterday, the finale showed with three stunning MALE models and I was all grins. All of them made impressions on me throughout the season but one in particular caught my eye.

Sandhurst, the black model in the pictures, was my favorite. Once he showed his huge thighs, and attribute that I carry, and his almost perfect runway walk, I was hooked. My favorite walk that he did was when he wore the white and unbuttoned his jacket with one hand. He does it with a coolness, and at the same time, and efficiency that is desired.
My next favorite was Jonathan, He has this face that can transform when need be, while still retaining his strong features. I missed a few episodes but I did catch a clip of a runway show where they had completely decked out his face in what seemed to be some type of monsterish makeup but you could still see his distinct, and attractive bone structure. His runway improved, and he came into his own when he got the 007 challenge on the runway. Like Parou said, he looked very much like Daniel Craig’s James Bond. Oh, and his eyes, are… well I like them. His poses though, do leave a bit to be desired.
Branden, coming into this episode actually was my least favorite. His body, and his awkwardness was… a turnoff to be entirely truthful. Whereas he can possibly make very interesting shapes with his body, and angles, I just wasn’t that into him.

Well then this episode aired and I changed. My opinion was that Sandhurst was an amazing model still but, he did make a mistake on the runway. I thought he was actually the best model on the show, hands down. Jonathan, was also a very good model, but, personally I thought Sandhurst was the best. Branden though had the most potential. Although I wasn’t into his awkward phase, or his normal lopey walk, I knew from the pictures and the progression that he undoubtedly had the most potential. Whereas Sandhurst and Jonathan were amazing, they more than likely were very close to their peaks, but Branden was just getting started. Whereas Sandhurst was my favorite, in my gut I knew that Branden, and his tall skinny, boyish charm would win out, and…

I was right.

I got my pictures from Calvin, and you can go here for his take on the show.