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Month: June, 2009

Slippery Slope Part 2: The FTC versus Fashion Bloggers

The post was about the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, beginning to set guidelines on disclosure in blogs. Whereas I’m all for disclosure, as I expressed in my reply, I don’t think the FTC has a place in this.

The other day I was posting about the FTC and their plan to crack down on the blogging industry basically. I got cut off because of camp but today I’ll finish. Well what I was saying basically was although I do believe that disclosure is the best, the FTC should have not right to tell us so.

My conception of the blogging industry, because that’s what it has become, an industry, is basically a market that is created by the people for the people. We set our own rules and we expect others to abide by them. If they don’t they are exposed for the phonies and fakes they are and we blacklist them, it’s simple. We don’t need a motherly figure coming on here and trying to boss us around. The situation makes me heated under the collar!

Hmm, anyways, yeah the reason you should disclose is well, it’s common courtesy to your readers. I do it, even though people aren’t sending me stuff. I normally start a blog off with, I was looking on my Reader, or I was glancing at this blog when I happened upon this. That is disclosure pure and simple. If and when businesses and brands begin to send me stuff then you’ll read, I was checking my mail to find this, or some friends at XXXXX shipped this over.

Furthermore the status of the item as being free should not compromise the review. The day I began the first part of this post during my research, I found that some people make it a blog value to not write negatively, and this practice is something I’ve adopted. Now a small, I don’t like this, may find it’s way into an article but I’m not going to base an article off of an item that I dislike. (P.S. Now comments are a free for all. If I am commenting anywhere you may find that I hate the entire thing so… well beware hahaha!) Because of this stance if I receive an item that I have qualms about writing a review about I will more than likely send the item back (if possible) with a not detailing this value. Wait, I’m not sure if that would be rude, to send the item back… I’ll think over that.

Anyway I have to go but I’m pretty much done with that… let’s break it down a little into a line or two.

The FTC has no right to legislate on the activities of a blogger but bloggers should have enough integrity and respect for their readers to disclose free items.


So, I’m searching on Contributing Editor and I find a few spreads that I like. I immediately begin to click and save, click, Open in New Tab, ohh, click save. And then I scroll down, read the accompaning body copy, and then keep scrolling and reach that line. The one that says only use one or two spreads per story… DAWG IT! The thought came up to use just… one more, but I think not. Any ways, I’ve settled on 3 stories I believe that I am going to post, or, have posted in the next few days…

Today I’m going to begin with the story Picadilly Pilare

So, because of the limit on the amount of spreads that I can display, I decided that I would choose very carefully. I saw the first spread, on one side it held the name, and on the other, a SATYEN KUMAR tweed jacket, and a plain t-shirt on the model, PETE BOLTON at MODELS 1 who also donned a pompadour hairstyle throughout the shoot, and decided to omit it. It didn’t pique my interest like it should.

The second spread though, had a JUNYA WATANABE cardigan and a pair of pink BURLINGTON argyle socks that would not be refused. The styling is simplistic and very wearable. As a matter of fact, minus the argyle socks, it’s a style that I find myself wearing… albeit in much cheaper, and sometimes even thrift store version.

The next two I skipped only because I was so enamoured with the one that I picked, that it really didn’t matter what else was there, because of the limit. I mean, the BROOKS BROTHERS shirt and the white tie looked nice. Personally, I wouldn’t have added the JUNYA WATANBE MAN jacket but to each stylist, their own right?

The next spread was the least favorite of mine in the bunch because of well… I’m not a label kind of guy. I don’t like an outfit littered with the same logo normally…

The next spread I chose was chosen mainly because of the black and white… Yeah I’m a sucker for that too. First the left side shows us a LACOSTE polo. It’s simple yet colorful… just not a peice I could pull off. Now on to the reason I chose this spread. The picture in my opinion, in and of itself is stunning. Love it! Now to the clothes! We have a HACKETT sweater, with a BROOKS BROTHERS shirt underneath. This tops the LOUIS VUITTON pants that have a GIEVES AND HAWKES pocket square coming out of the pocket. The styling in my outfit is dandy and has a collegiate feel to it, two things I love!

To see the rest of the story shot by WILLEM JASPERT and styled by SHIRLEY AMARTEY check it out at Contributing Editor, here

New Address

Because of the fact that I want to make this blog as… simplistic as possible I’ve changed the address so it’s easier to remember. Although the site is not yet at a magazine level… well, that’s where I want to go, and posh.tk was taken. So the new address is



Okay, so I’m on like 11 different sites right now, clicking away, trying to do like 6 different things at the same time including but not limited to, check my mail, create a blog on Posh, research for said blog, chatting up friends on Facebook, and constantly checking my Google Reader.

Well a message pops up in my Yahoo Mail that says:

Benji sent you a message.

Subject: Your website

“strolling around the web found your sites with incredibly long addresses. So heres a favor http://www.facebook.com/l/;www.803street.tk message me back i can change the name make more whatever is needed”

The eyebrow raises and I click the link and then at the same time open my Facebook tab and sure enough, Benji has emailed me from there. I check it again, and then go back to the link to find that it took me to my site. Thinking I’ve clicked the wrong tab I look at the address box to find


Woot woot!!! I shot a quick message back thanking him and then asking how he did it. Before I got a response I did a little research of my own and quickly found out, signed up for an account of my own to change Posh and then returned to my Inbox to find that he’d messaged me back… THANKS BENJI!!!


So, I’m browsing around on IFB and I find an article. I read it in it’s entirety and begin clicking links, opening up various windows, registering for various services… succumbing to my addiction you know. As I do this I happen upon one website and am introduced to this picture:


I pause, and catch my breath. Then I begin to scroll to find that…




blurred my vision. I’m so astounded by these fashionistos that I instantly crave a membership to the site! I click around to find that… one must be invited for membership, otherwise, you have to apply. One part of the application is to send in a picture of yourself basically showing that you have style… well I’m not really the “What Am I Wearing” type of blogger, so I don’t really have any pictures laying around. After pilfering through my many social websites I happened upon this…

That was on my Facebook. I love the site though because it has so many pictures, and everyone looks so FASHIONABLE! I immediately threw my previous self imposed ban to the winds and put it on my Reader. There are about 92 blogs on my Reader… and I just got a BlogLovin, as you can see. I AM NOT converting all of these blogs over there though. Hmm, anyways, I love LookBook.NU, and hope that my application gets accepted!

Maybe I should start a What Am I Wearing Section…

The Playlist in my head just cued LABELS OR LOVE by FERGIE.


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The September Issue

I absolutely can’t wait and I’m guessing that you can’t either, so take a gander at the trailer!!

Take a moment to remember Michael. One of the greatest dancers to live. RIP


You are going out to check the mail and you notice a box on your front porch. You pick it up, notice that it’s a box from the postal service. After, going to the mailbox to grab the rest of your mail you retreat back into the privacy of your own to have a gander at what’s in teh box. For about a second you debate inwardly on which to open first, the box that you have no clue what it is, or the bills that can be paid any day, and you already know the outrageous figuires of… The box DEFINATELY!

So you rip into the box to find a brand new bag. The note that accompanies it says, “From your friends at XXXXX XXXXX a new start up fashion line in your area. By the way, we love your blog!” You immediately snap a photo and sit down at you computer to begin typing on your fashion blog that has garnered somewhat of a cult following since you started it. As you type, you rack your brain for the connection, how did you know these people. You didn’t remember the name. As a matter of fact you knew you had never seen it before because you would’ve written it down. You stop typiing to tap on your teeth before you realize, this is the first time you’d ever been exposed to the line.

Why I wrote all of that, I don’t know but I was in the writing mood. Anyway, the point is today… we’re talking about FREEBIES!! Recently I’ve discovered, created an account for, and have begun devouring the Independent Fashion Bloggers site. Well today I was presented with a title, “FTC plans to crack down blogger freebies…and what that means to you”. And immediately began to read. In concordance with my normal internet usage as I read, I clicked, link after link after link eating up as much information as possible about the situation. I even commented on it saying..

Now whereas, I do believe that it should be disclosed whether one is receiving and… incentive to blog about a certain person, I don’t like the FTC telling me that. We got into blogging because we were tired of the press right? We were tired of the rigamaroe and we were tired of the regulations. We wanted stories told to us from another individual without the influence of some corporate entity. And now, with this possible legislation, the government is beginning to infiltrate blogger land. I don’t like it and basically I say it’s… even though I don’t really like the term… it’s a “slippery slope”!

I’m going to blog on this now actually… at my blog on http://www.markese91.blogspot.com

The post was about the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, begining to set guidelines on disclosure in blogs. Whereas I’m all for disclosure, as I expressed in my reply, I don’t think the FTC has a place in this.

I have to jet but I will be back to finish this!


So in addition to having fashion review blogs in my Google Reader I also have some people blogs. One of these people is JANET LEE KIM. She a Harvard graduate who has gone on to pursue her dreams in fashion. After studying under CHAMBRE SYNDICALE and working at BARKING IRONS (a label who’s post has been in edit for about a month now… I really am a slacker), she struck out on her own to begin GRAEY, with some financing by herself and her brother, Doug, who had just done very well in the 2006 World Series of Poker tournament. To my knowledge Janet is single-handedly running her entire business, from designing and maintaining her two blogs(the Graey blog and her personal) and website, to designing the clothing. From this has also emerged her side job of designing websites.The following designs are just a few that I liked from the line.This is a plain tank but the lacey design dresses it up. I like it, because it’s simplistic but at the same time it still has an individual quirk to it. It’s no longer a plain tank top.This corset-cum-tank rendition is again to me simplistic but aesthetically pleasing. Seeing it immediately makes me pull pieces in my mind’s eye to style it. Like most of her designs, the piece has geometric shapes, that are more than likely her signature.This picture and the next two are the pictures that spurred me to write this post though. The look is demure, elegant, and positively chic! I love the entire ensemble really. Oh wait, maybe not so much the shoes, but I’m still in love with the clothes bangles, and the pearls.Now this fuchsia kimono dress is a nod to her culture in material. I also love the way that there are the translucent cutouts on the sleeves and the fact that the ensemble isn’t a straight cut, giving it an added, kind of unexpected, shape. Again I think that the accessories are great with the look, I really like that gold bangle(hehehe).