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Month: April, 2009

Plugged In

So I just begin to get plugged in with the internet right? I’m updating my YouTube on what is now a regular basis, I’m making plans of what blogs I’m going to do and allocating the time to complete these blogs, I’m even downloading software to make things more appealing and user friendly… and what happens? Fate decides to be evil! Uber EVIL!

Let me explain, okay so my dog Layla Precious Princess Street, (Layla or LaPrecious for short) had pretty much stopped coming into the house. Well I got my laptop, which actually spurred me into updating things and getting “plugged in”, and she wasn’t coming into the house still. When she did, once she started kinda gnawing on the laptop charger cord, and I yelled at her, explaining to her that if I had to buy yet another cord I was going to have to discipline her because I’d bought one already that didn’t fit.

Anyway, the other day I had my laptop sitting on my bedside table, plugged up and Layla makes her way into my room. I think nothing of it and she begins roaming around. Her roaming includes into my closet, which by the way has lost the sense of order that I put it in a couple of weeks ago, up onto my bed, and then under the bedside table. After she goes under the table she comes out seemingly entangled in the laptop cord. My mother goes, “You might want to get her,” and I kind of look at Layla, and think about it before I go, “Lay-” and she starts walking off. In the process she drags the laptop cord and connected laptop, pulling it off the table, crashing it to the ground.

This scares her causing her to attempt to jump over my bookbag, still dragging the laptop, and I catch her in mid-air! Out of this, I get a broken laptop charger that I’ve still been using but gave out on me this morning. In addition to that, the Prism Converter that I LOVED was in fact a trial version, so now I need another media converter that I can download…for free onto my computer.

So now, I do not have my laptop to get stuff done at home… I probably won’t be uploading any videos until I can get that up and running…oh and I probably won’t get any more pictures either. More than likely that will mean more blog posts. I have a couple in mind at the moment but I told someone that I was going to watch Dancing With the Stars and I was told it comes on at 8 so… Ciao.



Okay, so as you can see from my website I am on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. My name on Facebook is Markese Street, and my name on twitter is just Markese. My YouTube is devoted to dance and because of this my videos are under the name of pointethemout. Uhh… the last thing that I’ll put up is my Myspace which I RARELY USE! It’s here.

Umm… Yeah, so that’s that. Uhh I’ve been doing alot with my vLog recently so that’s what you’ll see on the little sidebar part that has my YouTube Vids most likely. There’s some educational stuff in there for people trying to go to college for free… Actually there’s a section called PKG2C(Poor Kid Going to College) on my YouTube Channel so check it out.

I’m going to try and start back making blogs and stuff in addition to the many other things I’m doing but one thing I did do was import some of my old blogs to this one to kind of make the conversion official. Let’s see… that’s about all because I have to go seeing that I’m at a library but I hope you guys stay tuned for what’s in store!

803 Markese Street

Not sure if you’ve noticed but I haven’t been around much and I’ve changed the title. The thing is I’m changing up once again. Well Melding was kind of a transitioning period for me but now I’ve found what I was transitioning to. This site, in the near future is to become the focal point of my other escapades. This will be my main page hopefully.

I have a youtube, that I’ll try to link here, and on that YouTube I have a 3 channels: After School Special, LiveWire, and CREATE. After School Special is my vLog, and I’ll try to start posting those videos on here. Livewire is just a playlist of old videos of LiveWire. Oh and CREATE is my channel that showcases all of my choreography! Hope you enjoy.

Again there will be some more changes to this site as well as my YouTube and the way my videos appear, hopefully giving them a more professional visage… but until then…


Im off to Sewanee again in Tenessee. Oh and i just got to say this chicken biscuit from Wendys is ballin!