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Month: November, 2008



Every Plane!

So I started watching this video and was hooked off the bat! Tricia Miranda is an amazing choreographer. I love the change of levels from standing to on the ground. Oh, and the part where they pull their pockets outside fo their pants killed me. I didn’t catch it the first time I watched but the second time I did.

Switched it Up

So, some of you don’t know but I’m in love with Carnival but this is the first video from Carnival I’ve ever posted. I posted this one in particular because I like the song and the extensions are amazing, and the choreography kinda goes with the song. Oh, and the dancers seem to trust each other and to trust their own bodies. They dance from within, and I was actually a bit moved by the display.

New Fave!

Ok, so the guy’s name is Romain Antonini and his work is AMAZING!! I’ve also posted one of his vids on UKUW and before long I’ll reveiw it but I’ve been doing alot so, hold your horses. Uh, let’s see, oh this video I found because I was searching dances to this song and just happened upon this one. I was immediately hooked by the way his crew all moved together like exactly the same, it was so smooth, and so together, and plus it has that sass factor that I’ve only now admitted to liking.
Oh, and I also love at the end how he didn’t just make it choreo where every one’s doing the same thing but those two came up and do their split thingy!


New Vid

So this guy who choreographed this video, I’m not sure of his name, but I think it’s Kash. Umm, Anyways, I love the video and the way the dancers dance all the way like through their fingers it seems to me. They hit everything like uberly hard and it makes me smile actually. It has plenny of sass for my taste and the guy with the fro, who I think is the choreographer is dancing even with his hair.

I dunno

I don’t know who chorographed this but I love it!

Remember my old project

I don’t know if you people from the summer are still around but I was looking for all the different routines to Striptease by Danity Kane, and here’s another to add.

Not sure

I’m not sure if this is Luam’s or Jonte’s choreopgrahy, I saw both of them in there dancing but I LOVE IT!

This is not a Miguel Fan Site

It’s true that I have been not giving equal attention to cheoreographers, it’s just that I have Miguel on my list and his vids come up constantly, and well he’s always posting… Luam’s back though and here are two of her videos!