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Month: September, 2008




I’ve finally seen it

“It’s just, a bit of sex occasionally never hurt anybody” says Russell Brand before millions, in a flippant apology to Jordin Sparks and the Jonas Brothers over the purity ring thing. It’s true, I’m a bit latet. I mean, I’ve heard about it yeah, but I guess it was down played, it didn’t seem noteworthy for a blog. And then last night, when I watched the VMA Celeb Remix, I was unpleasantly surprised by the comments that the foul mouthed brit made. I’m not sure if he knows it, and maybe it’s different in Brittain, but “a bit of sex” has hurt many!

I mean, take one of the most popular Presidents of our time, Mr. Bill Clinton himself. I’m not sure if you remember the Lewinsky scandal, but if you don’t, take a sec to refresh your memory. It does involve, “a bit of sex!” Let’s see, I’m not sure if he’s ever heard about far fetched thigns such as hmm, I dunno STD’s, and HIV, which both, coincidentally can be gotten from “a bit of sex!” He probably doesn’t know this but 19% of American adults have herpes. That’s about 1 out of every 5. But I don’t know, maybe you know herpes, and impeachment don’t hurt people.

My Lunch

The bell rings and I rush to pack all of my supplies into my bookbag before running to the cafeteria to get something to eat and then sprint to any meetings I may have, to rush tem along, before finally running to practice. This year is the first year our school is supposed to have a hip hop dance team and I got invited to dance with them on the first dance of the year.

Our Performance will be on Homecoming, at the Homecoming Pep Rally, in the middle of the gym in front of everyone. So far, I’ve learned choreography to 2 of the clips that we are doing and they aren’t sure but we may be doing another. The performance is next Friday.

The choreographers are Gage and Connie 2 amazing sophomore dancers. I love the dance, and it’s natural, and raw! Parts do remind me of my own choreopgrahy and Miguel’s so that’s always cool. I have to admit though that they do add a bit of street in it that both of us lack.

Hopefully some one will tape the performance, and put it up on YouTube, if they do I’ll post it. On one part though, I do have to do a toe touch, but I’m still trumped by Gage’s… I dunno, leg extension I guesssss, into a split. He does it like on When I Grow Up, his foot goes up, and then, he goes into a split while I got up to a toe touch. The songs so far are the breakdown to When I Grow Up and then like the beginning of a song called Whatever but some people call it Put Your Right Hand Up

Where I’m at

So, I really haven’t written any significant posts here this year, but that may be because I’ve been out there doing stuff!!! LOL.

Anyways, got back to school, jumped into a myriad of things and now that I look around this is what I see myself doing:

I run cross country after school, you know working on them muscles! Trying to lose weight before wrestling season, there’s like probably 10 that need to be lost! Problem is I’ve been having pains everywhere, but you know gotta push through and not tell Drom!

Let’s see, I’m also in Student Government which takes up alot of time and encompasses so much. I mean, I’m helping my sister because she’s a freshman and she’s in the student government, and I’m creating amazing ideas, some of which I have to farm out because my mother won’t allow me to do. The latest idea I have that I will do is a Fashion show, the casting is Thursday for all of you in Bloggerland, but the meeting for the casting is Wednesday. I have more ideas, but I want to get through with that first.

FCA, is still here and is getting bigger. Meetings every Wednesday morning, and then services on Wednesday at lunch and on Fridays before school and at lunch. We are trying to branch out, and really get the students involved, and we are doing so many activities and events outside of services, but then again that’s still cool.

Oh, and something new, I’m on the dance team. We’ve learned like 1 minute of choreography, from this kid named Gage that goes to my school. If you don’t know about him, don’t worry, you will before long, he’s amazing.

Let’s see, anything else? Prolly just stuff to add onto StuGo. I mean Homecoming is coming up so there are those meetings. geAK has kinda slacked off and I’ll allow that for prolly till after Homecoming and then we gotta tighten up. Oh yeah, and then Ghetto Blasters, a new music group I’m managing. I’ve been doing some stuff with that but… yeah I think that’s about it.

Oh, and BTW the link for dance and music are not for what I’m talking about here but it’s other stuff related to dance and music by me.


I’m actually kind of confused about all of these creative juices I have flowing. I’m trying to use them up though. I’ve semi started 3 songs, and kinda didn’t write one of them down but the other two I have, they seem to be getting off to good starts though. Plus my event creativity has skyrocketed, and I think I know what it is. Like finally giving up on that “muse” from all those posts back has brought me out of that “twine of a shackle”. If you don’t know what I mean read Do Hard Things, or TheRebelution.org, it’s an amazing movement!

A New Group

The group really isn’t new, but still it’s new to all you readers in bloggerland. What most people don’t know about me is that I write music in addition to all of the other crazy things I do.Robin Antinactually inspired me to start creating a group in my mind. My music doesn’t really fit my voice, and if I were to become an artist, it wouldn’t fit me as an artist, and then I discovered her. I found out that I can actually write the music for another group. And because I write so much in so many styles, I’ve decided to like create two individual groups. Names, to you are insignificant but, here are some lyrics to a new song for one of the groups. Oh, parenthesis means kinda whispered!

5 O’clock Martini

Slam the door, put the pedal to the floor
Text the girls, what’s in store
Let the hair drop, take of these lenses
Don’t wanna hear you talk, don’t care about yo’ Benzes
Get outta my way, through two or three passes
I had a bad day, gotta DATE with some glasses

Take of them pearls(Don’t wanna hear you)
Let down the curls(Don’t wanna hear you)
Sorry if I ain’t kind (Don’t wanna hear you)
But I AIN’T got the time (Don’t wanna hear ya)

I’m on my way for my 5 O’clock Martini
Ain’t no time to play, where’s my 5 o’clock Martini
Hard a hard day at the desk for my 5 o’clock Martini
So DON’T be a pesk, throw back my 5 o’clock Martini

[Verse 2]
When I walk in the door, the bartender knows
I just glance at the bar where the gin and tonic flows
The girls beat me here, through 2 glasses quickly
They done snagged a crew, they betta not get finicky
Don’t know what you think but you shouldn’t be scared
Like what you see? The wealth can be shared

Push up the girls(Listen, watch)
Shake out the curls (Listen watch)
Check the war paint(Listen watch)
Make them boys faint (Listen watch)

Bat them eyes, I got my 5 o’clock martini
Show them thighs, I got my 5 o’clock martini
Don’t be afraid, I got my 5 o’clock martini
Cause they bout to get played, I got my 5 o’clock martini

But listen
Girls, for too long we been waitin,
Gettin played and fooled!
We go home from work, and wait for him
to get done with his scotch,
and then come and make a move.
It’s time for our own after work drink!
So tomorrow, when you get off of yo’ 9 to 5.

Take off the pears(It’s my time)
Shake out the curls(It’s my time)
Get rid of yo’ lenses(It’s yo’ time)
Cause we got our own BENZES!(It’s yo’ time)