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Month: July, 2008

About to Come Home

Ok, so I'm about to come home, I'm done with camps so my posts won't be frequent.  As you guys know I don't have a computer at home, so I'll post whenever I can, but it will be limited… although I am happy I'm coming home, finally, I'm kind of dissapointed about this thing.. Oh, and I'm on facebook ya lozas so add me!

Queen of the Video

So, I was talking with a friend on the net right. And this particular friend is a music mogul, among other things, and she keeps me up to date on most things music, and kind of fuels the fire that is my dance. So, she tells me of this new video by Rihanna that’s supposed to coming out soon called Disturbia and I immediately think of the movie, which I’ve never seen because it’s scary, and I just don’t do scary.
Anywayz, so after about 10 minutes of searching I’ve heard the song once, and seen a couple of different routines for it, and that’s when the music guru finds it, the video is out, in it’s entirety. So, I rush over, overjoyed because of the awesome routine by X-Faction(I’m going to have to reveiw them one day) intent on seeing dancing choreography in one of Rihanna’s videos, an area in which she has been lacking.
I was confronted with a blond wig and white eyes, and immediately fell in love! As the video progressed I saw multiple shots where choreography could slip in, and they kept me on edge. So, then there was the cameo of those stunner heels, that will most likely be flying off the shelves as soon as the vid airs on tv, but never was there any solid choreo. Only teasers.
The cinematography was great though. I really did like the video as a whole. It actually reminded me of Aaliyah in Queen of the D***ed. When Rihanna turned around in the headdress, it only confirmed the comparison. I’m not sure if Anthony Mandler did this on purpose, or maybe I just look to far into things… but that’s why you read right? But, yeah, now comes the msot anticipated… and sometimes dreaded time. I’ve actually been heavily considering the rating for this video. I thought of a 5 because everything worked together to procure this one mood. I even got a chill down my spine, which can mean 1 of three things, I loved it to death, I was actually afraid, and I hated it. Oh, yeah and it also could mean that when the thermostat here at Washington and Lee says 78 and I can see my breath, it’s broken.
But yeah, then I knocked it down to a 3 because of no choreography. Then I thought about it, that’s so biased. She should get underscored because of that but not 2 whole points. So, after careful reveiw, and I beleve this has been 21 minutes of deliberation, I’ve come to the conclusion that Disturbia by Rihanna gets a 4.5. Oh, and by the way she’s not scored the same as Lil’ Mama because Lil’ Mama came out the gate dancing, Rihanna didn’t.

Humor Me

I’ve found our current President humerous every since I saw a comedian do a set on him likening him to Yosemitie Sam. Now, I don’t rememebr who the comedian was or what exactly was said, but I do remember laughing, and now everytime I see him I think of him with his fingers in the universal pistol sign going, “Pow! Take that Iran!”
Well as I’ve matuted in politics, and studied, and taken classes, this view of our President in a humorous light actually became stronger. Not, weaker as it should have, but stronger… and what he’s just recently done with our oil legislation has added to this.
If I’m not mistaken, and you smart “adults” out there correct me when I’m wrong, President Bush introduced legislation or mandates, or policy( I don’t remember which it’s called but I’m thinking policy) to move our country away from our dependence on oil. He wants to “ween” us off of this limited and negative externality laden fossil fuel. What I don’t understand, which is also what I’m thinking some economists don’t understand, is why in the world would you increase the supply of something you’re trying to stop using? Maybe I’m not understanding Mr. Casey right, but if you increase the supply of oil, that will cause the price to go down, which will in turn allow more people to obtain it(i.e. quantity demanded goes up) which will cause more dependence on it…hmmph…didn’t we want to get away from that?
But maybe, that train of thought is over my head… you know, to advanced for my meager 17 year old mind. So.. humor me.
All of you readers out there in blogger land…humor me for a second while I try out an idea, which undoubtedly has been mentioned before somewhere.
Why don’t we allow gas to go up? Woah! Bad idea right? But you’re just listening so I can get it out of my system… I’m only 17 remember, I don’t know how the world works. So, let’s say the price goes up. What if, dare I say it, the government puts a higher tax on gas instead of that tax holiday(which I HATE! BTW). Wait, I heard that gasp. Remember what we said, 17 year old at work here… not some accredited economist who studies this.
But, price goes up to..some say $8 right? What happens? Along with the $5 lattes you stop drinking, you stop driving your car. You demand better! So you know what happens while you’re walking, getting your workout and looking like a super model and not the guy from Super Size me? Some person comes along(like me hopefully!) or T.Boone Pickens, or some smart 87 year old, who says, “Hey, I can help you use your car again! You don’t even need that $8 gas. What about this biodiesel from algae, or these cars that run from electricity, or hydrogen, or something like that”. And what do you do with your Olympic-like body(you’re still humoring me right?) you run over to this dealer, and while all the salespeople are salivating, pick up this new technology and go back to looking like a happy overweight American, but with cleaner air. Oh, and side bar, clean air is better for the kids’ intelligence, but that’s another thought.
Now, I know that’s all hard to fathom but lets think, economically about why you want $8 gas. If gas is pushed to $8, the quantity demanded drops significantly! Who can afford it? If that goes down then demand for close toed shoes will go up since we’ll be walking. Think of how nice your clothes will fit. So people are going to demand alternatively fueled modes of transportation. When entrepreneurs see there is a demand for a product, they will supply it. Hmmm… how are we going to get them to take the dive into the sea of capitalism? One thought is we could fund their research with money garnered from taxing gas …but I’m going off on a tangent.
So we have the new vehicle and you say, walk all day, or drive! Even though you do love your killer bod, you’re a couch potato at heart so you get that vehicle. Where did the gas guzzling polluters go? To those rich un-cool people, who don’t need smart children!


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Dance Post on UKUW

If you really like the clips you saw from A’Drey and Miguel, you might want to check my UKUW site. I reveiwed their reels, oh, and Miguel actually has a mini music video that I reveiwed.

The Miracle of Dance

So… I was on YouTube, again just looking around for some nice choreography, new music that was out… and I happened on some awesome choreographers! There were some nice dancers too who just did the choreography from the videos, but the three videos that you are about to see are from choreographers. The thing is, it’s the same song. They are all doing different choreography, to the same exact song, and I just like that part. I thought it was interesting. Umm, on my UKUW blog, I do reveiw their reels.. well I think two of them have actual reels at the moment, and you can go to the sidebar of this blog to get to UKUW. I hope you like these.

Oh, and by the way, I moved the Luam choreo from Pointe them Out to here because it’s the same song!

I love Miguel’s choreo because it’s just so perfect, so polished, and just sooooo good! It’s contemporary, and I for one love contemporary dancing anyway, but it feels like I could fit parts into my hip hop! I actually got chills when I saw the actual like music video that he made for it… I’ll probably post it on UKUW. But, I just really do love the choreo and the dancers he picked performed it very well.

So this one sounds a little bit weird, but it doesn’t matter. Umm, I also love the choreography, they KILL IT HERE! Umm, it’s not as sensual, and whereas Miguel like did softer things and then hit the beat this has like a little more… I can only think of the word staccato. Umm, let’s see… oh yeah, the dancers are beast. The girl in the red top is killing it until the end, where she does a little mess up, but her determination does not falter so kudos. I really do love the entire thing though even with that.

I already commented about Luam. I don’t remember what I said but it’s pretty simple from looking over the choreo again. It seems so natural, so organic. It seems like it would make any one want to get up and do it. Also, the choreo is intricate but looks so effortless and easy that it makes you feel like you actually can get up and do it. This is partially do to the fact that she picked excellent dancers, and partially do to the choreography.

This one actually made me think of So You Think You Can Dance immediately and made me cringe a bit. I like it though. I really do like it. Like I said before, I really do like contemporary, and funky, and eery stuff, so this is actually right up my alley.

New Blog

So, if you are a regular reader, and you're looking for some particular posts, that you are just dying to show your friends and can't find it, you might want to check the New Blog.  My New Blog is called pointethemout and it's at www.pointethemout.blogspot.com. If you are a reader of The Writer(Markese91) then you might remember this as a post title because it was.  It's no longer a post title because, That post has now been put on the new blog.  Most things dance, excluding dance reels done in the way of a movie, or music video, will be on Pointe Them Out from now on.  I know, alot of blogs, but this makes it more organized.. Well to me it does.


A’Drey, AKA Grapeov is also a choreographer that posts on YouTube. I found his vids, off of Luam’s, and saw he had an actual reel that went along some line. I absolutely love it and that’s why it’s below. Fun, which actually comes at the end of the reel, is kinda funny, but you can still see the quality of the choreography is really good! I think I’ve seen all of the videos by A’Drey and none of them are below good. Some of them are not as good as others in my opinion, but they’re all good. I’m sorry to everyone who’s come out and gotten rated before, but I’m giving A’Drey the first 5 pied rating.

Miguel Antonio

Miguel Antonio Jr. is a choreographer that I found on YouTube. I really do love his work and that’s why he’s up here. Below ar etwo of his videos… ones that I found suitible for this actual blog. I don’t like putting meaningless clips on here which is why these clips have length. Basically, the first is what Miguel calls his choreography reel. I was hoping for more of a story line but it didn’t really have one, but it’s still good because it combines alot of his choreography clips into the same vid for a culmination of his work.

The next video actually is kind of like a video to Danity Kane’s Strip tease. I actually love this one, and wished that he would’ve kept going. If you want to see outtakes those are on You Tube, in his profile, just search his name or go to www.youtube.com/miguelantoniojr hmm… anything else… oh yeah, your rating. I give Miguel a rating of 4 pieds. You’re beating Lil Mama at the moment, but come out with a reel, that’s either a complete video of one song, or choreography that is meant to go to gether like a story, and I’ll probably bump you up to a five..

Matrix Pointe is…back?!

Soo…. I was checking my inbox a little while ago and I got a peculiar message from iwnt2burb…. interesting name… So I was about to delete it when I read the subject line: You have been invited to veiw. That’s when I knew it was going to be one of those nasty little emails, so I clicked it to delete it but I have the new Yahoo mail so it brought the email up on the bottom of the screen. I glanced down and saw…. Matrix Pointe and had a couple reactions. Shock that it’s back, resentment about the stuff that happened last year, and honored that I received an invite. Oh, and I found something, you can bypass all of that entrance stuff by just going to… amatrixpointe2.blogspot.com. I was hoping something would happen this year, and it seems like somethiing has already started…