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Month: June, 2008

A Turn for the Worse!

So… before, if I remember correctly, I was overjoyed about BAM…. I kniow that I kind of exaggerated on here about how good it was, but it has now taken a bad twist….I’VE BROKEN MY FREAKING CELLPHONE THAT MY MOTHER GAVE ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY….LIKE TWO WEEKS AGO! It, was really kind of crazy how it happened. We were at Frankies and we wanted to ride the go carts. We found out about the ones for like 16 years old and up, and decided to ride those. They are faster than the other ones, and the track is actually slippery, so you like slide, and skid when you go around the corners… towards the end I learned how to do it right.
Anyway! So we get out of the go carts, and we’re walking and I ‘m like, I’m expecting a call or text from a special person. I dig around into the like… 7 pockets of my new cargo pants and can’t find it. I immediately think I put it down by the trivia game inside of frankies. I run back in there really quick-like, and it’s not there. There are 3 little girls though, sitting where I was so I ask them about seeing stuff sitting there. They nlook at each other, then me, and then return to their game. I was kind of like THESE LITTLE TRICKS HAVE MY PHONE! I didn’t say anything though… so I went back outside and everyone was like look in the go cart. I looked in there and everything was in there… my phone was in 2 peices though.



So, this freaking song has been burning itself into my head, slowly eating up my time, and all of my creative juices, leaving me dry and barren of just about everything else until I finished it. I’m not sure what the name will be… I have four possible names as a matter of fact. They include What I Did, Glistens, Glitters, and Fool’s Gold. I really do like Fool’s Gold the most though!
It’s a really difficult song to try and explain, there’s stacato in one part, but in others the words are very long and drawn out. I really don’t feel like going into all of the explanation but you guys should just read it and don’t worry about how it goes. If you wonder why it seems like the parts don’t go to gether it’s because the intro is very different from the rest of the song, umm, they are drawn out. The verses have like a sultry feeling, while the pre-hook is different, it’s like a heavier, weightier feeling, more like you’re about to rock out. Umm, the actual hook has alot of stacato… cliped succinct words, you should be able to understand each word clearly. Oh and the bridge, it was a last minute thing. It wasn’t meant to be like that actually. I couldn’t remember the words.

I see the flames
And I know the pain
they cause…inside
I can see the smoke
and I know how it chokes
your dreams… by and by
But I won’t step near
The crackle’s something I can hear
When I slip on my lies
And I know there’s a fight
Cause that’s no ordinary light
That’s calling me AWAY… tonight
[Verse 1]
You know my momma told me,
That the oven was hot
I stepped a little closer
Said I knew it was not
It really kind of warmed me
Had me feeling real good
And then the fire burned me
Momma knew that it would
She tried and tried to tell her little boy
As he got closer and closer to his new toy
His vision now tunneled was looking at just one thing
It flickered and glowed and this is why I sing
Everything that glitters is not gold
Everything that’s bad, is not cold
Everything that glistens is not good
I just did what I did cause I…could
[Verse 2]
I grew a little older,
Thought I knew who I was
Then I tried some new things,
Listening to the new buzz
Don’t know what I got into,
But I took to it hard,
Just forgot about momma,
And now my life is marred
She told me never to let my morals slip
Never…Ever…let my defenses dip
My vision was tunneled, focused on just, one thing
A fire that burs, and this is the reason why I sing
[Hook x2]
I’m not the same(just listen)
I’ve touched the flame(just listen)
Been licked by the sun(just listen)
And I’m not the one(don’t talk)
Don’t mess with me(don’t talk)
or you will see(don’t talk)


So, I’m here, at USC once again, but this time I’m at the Business at Moore Program. It’s pretty crazy, definatley not as cool as Boys’ State but that’s like comparing chocalate eclairs to heaven… they’re good, just not that good. Oh, and by the way I’m not talking about that cheap bye it out of walmart or some other store eclair, but I mean the real eclairs.
Anyway, but this is ok. We have to make our own business. You are put in a group and your group has to create a business and then you have to create a presentation on this business…. oh yeah, and all of you South Carolina resident friends, if I call you, I may need you for the commercial.

PBS was in fact the BEST

So, Palmetto Boys’ State was in fact one of THE BEST EXPERIENCES OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! Junta… you made it all worthwhile, lol. But seriously, if anyone ever gets the chance to participate in this organization, it would be wise to because you learn so many things about yourself, your state, and other people that can help you later on in life.
It really gave me an increased vigor to get what I want to do done. It gave me a platform that I can now build off of! I really did love the entire experience. I’m not going to spoil it for anyoen who wants to go in the future but you should really consider it when you guys are about to go into the summer before your senior year of high school. It shall pay great dividends!