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Month: May, 2008

Summer begins

Summer begins, for me atleast, with a failure. I didn’t quite make the Rapids team. That’s bad because I need to improve my soccer skills to get on Varsity next year. What I won’t do though is wallow in this… I’m going to bounce back and still work hard to make sure I make it!
Umm… I’m actually writing this at church. We’re here for a lock-in and everyone else is eating while I am managing my blogs.
Next year’s going to be long but I’ll type about it when I don’t have people over my shoulder.


End of one Season

Soooo…. guess what?  School is coming to a close!  That means just about nothing to me because I'm going to schools this summer, but it's good enough for me.  I've been installed as the Student Body Parlimentarian, and I'm on the Yearbook Staff already.  I went to the first cross country meeting and yesterday had Rapids tryouts.  Things are being set in place for my senior year and I hope everything works smoothly.  This summer I have Washington and Lee, Wachovia Summer Scholars, and Palmetto Boys State.  I have high hopes for Washington and Lee and Palmetto Boys State, but Wachovia Summer Scholars, I really don't have expectations for.  I just hope that I go there, get business experience and then like be able to network for the future.