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Month: March, 2008


So, before I was saying how I was drained and I couldn’t write and I wasn’t very creative, well I got tired of complaining one day, last week, and decided to do something about it. I’m now in the process of making myself write, making myself create things. I force myself to find inspiration n simple things. It’s working a little. I’m hoping that I can force myself into doing it for a while and then I’ll kind of just get back into the groove of things and start doing it automatically again. I’m actually thinking about creative things automatically now, so now I just have to put it to paper, which means working out semantics and stuff… but I’m on the right track I guess.



Soo, I definately apologize for not posting, but I’ve been really busy and I don’t have computer access out of school, so I can’t really edit this. I did write a reveiw of Miss Aquila, but it’s been so long and my email acted stupid and didn’t send it to here so, I’m just going to forget about it.
What I will talk about though, is Balenciaga and the fall 2008 RTW line.
Starting with a couple of black numbers that gives a new look to the little black dress, Balenciaga takes us on a trip throughout the different uses of fabric, and the different prints.
Introducing crazily draped tops that encompassed blue and white over black, Balenciaga attempts to take a step away from the pack and back into what made Balenciaga themselves.

The look beside this article is a personal favorite of mine. Althought it doesn’t show the boots that were bulky and came up to about the bottom of the knee, that I liked, it does show the use of layers and textures to give the looks an awkward yet appeasing veiw. The no nonsense slicked back hair was complemented by the cropped jacket and the white peaking out from beneath the two black layers was set off by the white that was seemingly cut into the pants.

With simple silver jewelry(necklace, bracelets, and a single anklet) a heavy eye, and a naked lip, Balenciaga creates both a look and a feel. The small spices of yellow set off the look, in the shoe and on model, Kim Noorda’s, fingers.


I can’t be, but I am! I feel so drained of all creative impulses. I have to force myself to write and because I do so, it doen’t come off as being real, and it doesn’t flow and it doesn’t connect. I went for a walk today, and really kind of sung my heart out. I was dressed in some shorts and a tight baby blue shirt with a AE striped cap on. I really needed to get away, and the singing just came up next.
I think I understand now when people say they can’t go “there.” I mean, before, my life was easy, I had nothing to worry about, no one hurt me. I was fine. Now, I’ve been hurt so I keep my feelings close. I don’t let anyone in, and I don’t share my feelings. Well, unless that’s what I’m doing now. I thought I was going to dance tonight, but plans went bust! I got mad at that and kind of threw a temper tantrum on the inside. I’m to upper echelon to ever do it externally.

TSA State

So I’m at TSA state and it’s crazy! I thought I would get here, and rest, and get revitalized and I get here and find that there’s as much drama here as in my life. There’s dictorial advisors, anarchist delegates, and oblivious judges. It’s not the ideal environment to be in.
I just wrote up this little thing I have to say tomorrow at the business meeting after I attempt to get the rules suspended. Some students don’t like people suspending rules, it gets them all agitated, so I might have to try a couple of times. Actually I need to research how you exactly suspend the rules.
I should have ran for office! I’m basically about to do the work of an officer, the only reason I didn’t run is because after reading the constitution and it’s bylaws I found that technically, an officer is required, by office to attend every business meeting that is held, one of which takes place at nationals. I can’t go to nationals because I’ll be at Washington and Lee(woohoo!) so I didn’t run. Come to find out, no one else abides by the consistution and their bylaws and so there’s one delegate who didn’t go to national convention last year and she’s an officer! That angers me because now I can’t ever be a state officer! I’ll still be instrumental though, and possibly I could get appointed.
I don’t want to write more because I really need to get to that research so sorry…