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Month: November, 2007

What its All About

Welcome to another ride in my wonderful cirus of blogs, LOL! This blog will be dedicated to reveiws. It’s named UKUW(You Know You Wanna) because everyoned likes passing judgement. Furthermore, everyone does it. When you watch a movie, or read a book, the first thig you di si analyze it, you either like it, or you don’t. That’s what this blog is all about, whether I like something or not.
I’m not sure what all I’m going to be reveiwing, it just depends. I read alot and I watch TV alot, oh and I listen to alot of different types of music so I’ll probaby do reveiws on that stuff. There’ll probably also be mvoie and fashion reveiws. I’m not positive yet though. Oh, and on the off chance that I get to go to an event or performance of some kind, Ill probably most difinately reveiw that.
Oh, and I hope this inspires others to do the same. COME ON…


Talent show

Who knows you guy, I might actually get some events done! Ok, Josh talked to me today about the Talent Show that I had talked about to go on the schedule for January. WE put it on the schedule as tenative because the original date I wanted it was in December and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it in January because in January we have exams and all that kind of stuff. So I just said maybe. Josh asked me about it today and said we should do a meeting the first or second week in December because we have to Do it Right, Make it Big, and Give it Class, which is one of Mrs. Richbourg’s sayings. I said that’s fine and kind of played it cool. Inside I was like bubbling with excitement.

Oh, and something else, today I called Garibaldi’s because Miss Aquila is tonight and I hadn’t remembered to call Garibaldi’s before. Well, so after I called and we talked, the bottom line is they couldn’t do the gift certificate because I’d called so late, but if we do another fundraiser to call and she might have a $25 gift certificate for us. that sounds good enough for first prize… maybe that and something else… who knows.

Oh, and we were planning on having a Dance-off.. Well me and keisha were. I’m not sure if it will happen but I want it in December… and it’ll probably be in like the Gym B. I need to like find a way to get music in there though. Oh, and I can’t ask Mrs. Richbourg today because, well, she’ll freak out on me seeing as Miss Aquila is tonight and she needs to focus all of her attention on that.

Hmm, I think that’s enough for now so, I’m out.


A guiding spirit.
A source of inspiration.

That’s what dictionary.com says atleast…. I’m trying to think if it’s really fathomable though. Like can someone be your muse? Can a person like inspire yuou to do great things only when they are in your prescense, or only when you think about them? Can someone have that much influence and pull on your life that without them, you have no inspiration, no drive, no creativeness? I mean I’ve said I’ve had muses, but I just said it in like sort of a connotative sort of way. I’ve never really thought about it until now.

I mean, thinking back I don’t know if A really was my muse per se. I mean I did feel better and I wrote more but that doesn’t denote A as my muse. I mean, I felt better, I had an emotion to express. I could write about that emotion and I wanted to. Plus, I had more time back then to write… But then again that still doesn’t explain it. I mean On the whole I’ve written more about dispair I beleive than love… but now that I read over those lines that proves the fact that A wasn’t my muse. If so, I would have written more about A than anything else during that time and I would have seen a spike in my creativeness which I haven’t….. How confusing!

Words you might not know:
an act or instance of connoting
to have significance only by association, as with another word
to be a mark or sign of; indicate

State of the School

Hey guys, Kaity made a comment that I think I need to address. Umm, yes there have been rumors going around the school about funding being cut for “fluff” classes but some superintendent came and informed Mrs. Richbourg that he would not cut classes at Airport because the students would come after him. He’s not far from the truth because I for one would come after the district.

Budgets have been cut and money is getting tight though. Although entire classes aren’t being cut we really have to like dig deep for finances. Think of different cost efficient ways of doing things or raising money, thus all of my thinking about events and things. I have alot of ideas, i just seem to never get things completed which makes me aggravated. I do have one idea though that I think will fly. It’s kind of like an academic Amazing race for like teachers and stuff… I dunno. It might work

I wanted to start a new blog for FCA, and I think it will be beneficial for us. I think I need to ask Scooter and some other people. I dunno, it might be to much work. I won’t have enough time to talk to friends between this stuff and stuff I’m required to do. I dunno. I think I’m going to sign off though..

You guys, we really need student and community support!

But I won’t

So like I stated in my first post I have alot of stuff to do! I have to balance like 5 spinning plates, and it’s not fun. Well, I can’t lie, I really do like having so much to do. I need to keep myself buried so I won’t think about what’s going on around me. It’s like I’m submerging myself in water and I can’t hear what’s going on, and if I do hear it, it’s at a lower decibel… I dunno, I guess I’ll leave that kind of stuff to markese.

In case you don’t know, Markese is my alterego…. check out his blog at markese91.blogspot.com and you’ll find out what I mean.

But anyway, I now wrestle. Wrestling is so hard for me but I made a vow to myself that I wouldn’t quit anything. I don’t know why I made that vow! I mean, I don’t lift weights, I’ve never lifted weights and now I do at every practice which is practically every day! And then we have to wrestle. It seems no one on the team likes me or is my size or whatever, because I never have a partner and when I do we have to go so slow because of the stuff I missed when I didn’t have a partner. I don’t have that much upper body strength, so the moves are a little harder for me… I just want to quit! But I won’t.

I’m on yearbook too though. That’s like my freaking hardest class! Well, not the hardest, it’s the most demanding. I like always have a camera, and I’m always thinking about my spreads, and quotes, and what I can do to make the yearbook better but I don’t tell anyone. I work on all of my spreads and I get aggrivated when I’m working with other people. I’m kind of an independent person and if i’m working with someone else and they change something I’ve done apparently for the better and it actually messes up my grade I get easily angered. After something like that I’m not very prone to trust that person with something like that again. I have to work on that. The problem is it happens alot. Yearbook is weighing me down with the drama and deadlines and all that stuff…. I REALLY WANT TO QUIT! But I won’t.

The last thing I guess I’m going to talk about is StuGo. I had big ideas for this year, HUGE IDEAS! And guess what, budget cuts! The year I come onto the scene and plan out everything we get budget cuts! so you know what I do, I go outside of StuGo… i go to the community. I go to my TSA group and decide to take one of my ideas to them. I take the Fashion show idea and they tell me it’s iffy. They’re not sure but if I do the work, they’ll back it. so you know what I do, I work my behind off to get that work done. I contact designers and retailers and research fashion shows and watch hours of film, and even scout out possible girls from school to participate in the show. And about a month and a half before the event, my main retailer drops off the face of the earth. Well at least that’s my interpretation of it. what else am I supposed to think when all of a sudden she quits returning my emails? When I go to finialize plans and I’m about to hold a formal casting, she bails? What am I supposed to do? Then Mrs. Richbourg is mad because there aren’t any events going on? That makes me…. I MUST QUIT! But I won’t

I won’t because it’s stupid
I won’t because I’m not.
I won’t because of one fact
If i do, Project Oreo, will be no more….

I’ll go crazy with boredom!

I’m not!

So incase you guys don’t know, I just made another blog called Project Oreo. It’s like my smart side I guess. It’s the side that is really involved at school and loves to read and all that stuff. It’s the intellectual part. The part that wants to work and own companies.. In case you didn’t know, this is about the party side!

Well in going with that theme MP ended thank GOD! MP is Matrix Pointe. It was a webbie about our school that was very reminiscent of Gossip Girl. I loved it until the webmaster started attacking me. It’s a long story so I’m not going into details!

So, I haven’t been designing recently, or writing. Actually my creative side has been very limited and that isn’t good. I haven’t written a poem in about a year since that stuff happened with A… yeah, if you’re out there you broke my heart and my spirit!

But anywayz, I tried drowning A out but it seems they were my muse and now I can’t come up with anything. That’s why I haven’t posted that much on here, there’s nothing to post about. I haven’t been dancing, I haven’t been creating, I haven’t been singing, i haven’t been Markese. Sorry.

Starting off

So most of you guys know me as Mikelle, aka Oreo. Oh, and some of you, thanks to MP know me as MS. Yeah, I do go to Airport and am in The Nest, but life isn’t at all as hectic as the site made it sound. Well, gossip wise that is.
I’m a member of FBLA, TSA, FCA, StuGo, Yearbook, and a couple of other clubs and organizations. For all of them I need money and I need to plan events. I really like planning events and it might be what I do when I graduate for high school but right now I’m just doing it to put on my resume.

I’m just doing it to work on Project Oreo.