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Month: October, 2007


Kimora, Life in the Fab Lane is crazy! Kimora herself is crazy! And her kids Ming Lee and Aioki Lee(I think) are badd! I was so mad when I foudn out that they have their own fashion line. I mean what are they, like 5-8 and they have their own freaking fashion lines out there? I’m freaking 16 and have been designing for about 3 years and I don’t have a stitch of fabric on a model going down a runway. They had like what, 36 looks? I was so mad at that!
I can’t blame them for the way they act though. They act just like Kimora. LIke mother like daughters.
Kimora is a crazy drag queen! And for all of the people out there in blogger land, in case you didn’t know, that’s a joke. I said that because she has a crazy since of style and is overly flamboiyant. I’ll have to say that I didn’t like her Vanity Fair dress though. I liked the one from the KLS collection better. The long brown number that they had to cut and Arrell, better known as BJ gave to someone else. I have to go right now, as a mattter of fact, I’m about to look up some collections on NYMAG.com



I’ve totally like not done anything on this blog… LOL, I don’t know why not, I mean I think it’s cause I like for got about it for now. I’m in yearbook and I have a raging headache but I also have Cross Country later! I really need to work on this spread but I dont’ feel like it. I’m about to though.
Anywayz, I’ve been writing alot lately. One of the books that has recently been consuming my attention has been a weird one. It’s got that high school fashionista type of feeling. I really like it, and it’s really one of the few books I’ve ever actually had to do research for. I really think I’m going to finish this one though.
Umm, like what was I about to say, oh I’ve been reading like these books that kind of have similar things with the book I’m writing. Two different series, Daughters of the Moon, and The Party Room. They aren’t like exatly what I’m writing about but the I’m reading them more for like getting inside the girls heads, and finding designer names and crazy stuff.
Plus, I have to stay up on fashion. I’m not just doing it for the book though. I love fashion! So I’m using my fashion expertise to help me write this book.
I said sorry because I mean, in case I have any readers out there, I kind of let my blog drop.